Trump Designates North Korea as State Sponsor of Terrorism

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The Washington Examiner reported that President Trump re-designated North Korea as a State Sponsor of Terrorism on Monday. It returns the Hermit Kingdom to the list of nations such as Sudan, Iran, Syria, from which it was removed in 2008 in an effort to stop their nuclear development. They have also sentenced President Trump to death for maligning the “dignity” of their “dear leader.”

North Korea was removed from the list during the George W Bush administration, after a failed deal was made to try to stop them from developing nuclear weapons.

The move comes with more sanctions which will be announced on Tuesday by the Treasury Department.

“This designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on North Korea… and supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime…At the center of this military cult is a deranged belief in the ruler’s destiny to rule as a parent protector over a conquered Korean Peninsula. The more successful South Korea becomes the more successfully you discredit the dark fantasy at the heart of the North Korean regime.” President Trump

The murder of Kim Jong-Un’s half brother in Malaysia earlier this year is a case in point for the designation of State Sponsor of Terrorism. Kim Jong Nam was murdered with the use of VX nerve agent, and suffered a horrifying public death from one of the most lethal substances known to man.

Did input from Asian leaders he met on his recent 12 day trip to the region help him make this determiniation? North Korea has repeatedly rebuffed attempts to “negotiate.” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claimed in the fall that diplomatic attempts with North Korea would continue “until the first bomb drops.” They do not seem to care whether diplomatic efforts are made or not.

As far as the death threat goes, it’s nothing new for the regime.

“The worst crime for which he can never be pardoned is that he dared [to] malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership…He should know that he is just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people.” Editorial in Rodong Sinmun news paper

That “hideous criminal” has repeatedly warned the DPRK to abandon their nuclear ambitions and stay out of trouble.

“The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger. Every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face…North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. It is a hell that no person deserves.” President Trump during the Asia trip

The North Korean response? They referred to him as an “old lunatic.”  But then, the left-wing mainstream media and liberals do the same thing.

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