Trump Derangement Syndrome: Left-Wing Media’s Terminal Memory Loss

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Has the mainstream media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome become terminal? When tear gas and smoke was used against the migrants who breached the rickety border wall at San Ysidro last Sunday, the mainstream media fabricated a photo to make Trump look like a despicable monster who would gas women and children. Never mind that Obama used tear gas at the southern border at least 80 times during his tenure.

Was it as bad as Janet Reno’s debacle at Waco in 1995 where 75 people died or the standoff in Ruby Ridge that killed a man’s wife, son, and pet? Not even close- those both occurred under President Bill Clinton’s tenure.

Screenshot of the Waco compound fire in which 75 people were killed. 1995

The media was strangely silent when Democrats were in charge. But now that a Republican is at the helm…they’ve become crazed with the desire to ruin him.

The San Ysidro border crossing was re-opened on Monday, and Mexico has deported some of those who rushed the border.

Breitbart reported,

Despite media reports to the contrary, CBP officers and agents operating under the Trump Administration responded the same way they did during the Obama Administration when, in 2013, migrants rushed the same stretch of border, Breitbart News’ Neil Munro reported.

Democrat congressional leaders and Hollywood activists teamed up to condemn the Trump Administration’s use of force in defending the border but ignored President Obama’s prior, identical response.

Pop star Rihanna accused the Trump Administration of “terrorism” for spraying tear gas at the border. Others called for the president’s impeachment over the clash.

Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said the migrant caravan members are like the Jews fleeing the Holocaust, while Vermont Senator and possible 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called President Trump’s use of force “authoritarian.”

Obama was their messiah. Trump is their nemesis. Even when they both did the same things.

California Fires

When Trump complained that California has mismanaged their forests, which created ripe conditions for massive fires, the mainstream media nearly blew a gasket trying to call him a liar and ridiculing his use of the term “rake.” Yet earlier in 2018, the New York Times wrote a report about the issue revealing that California did indeed mismanage their land, leaving major vulnerability to wildfires.

A hundred million dead trees in California forests thanks to listening to  environmentalists who demand no one touch the forests. The New York Times, left wing media’s main ‘squeeze,’ mentioned the problem before the massive wildfires broke out, torched hundreds of thousands of acres, destroyed thousands of homes and killed at least 85 people. But once Trump said something about it, the pile on was ridiculous.

How would it be to try so hard to ruin a President that you’d lie, cheat, and in general destroy the integrity of your profession?

Trump Derangement Syndrome may be terminal.

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