Trump Considering Gun Legislation – The Perfect Storm Against 2A?

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President Trump considering gun legislation is a situation that could impact millions of Americans. He has NOT made a decision yet as to which current legislation, if any, he will support. As Senator McConnell said, if the President won’t sign it, he won’t bring it forward.

The President met with gun-grabbing legislators on September 12, and is to make a decision by “the end of the week.” The Democrats mounted a massive campaign in an attempt to sway the President in order to support their extreme gun control agenda. We’ve written about some of the current bills up for consideration, but there are more.

This is not America anymore!

Let’s look at the backdrop: Nearly 1/4 of Democrats want to make it ILLEGAL to join a pro-gun organization. One third of Democrats say they favor the NRA being listed as a terrorist organization.

“Universal background checks” and “red flag laws” are among the bills that Democrats want the President to support. Many of the mass shooters passed background checks, so that one is a giant waste of paper. The red flag issue is an extreme violation of due process, since a person’s property can be taken from them by the word of someone else, even if that word is not trustworthy.

The President has also expressed support for banning suppressors (watching too many TV shows?). That idea is a health issue, not a gun control one. Suppressors lower the sound damage from shooting, not make guns “silent.”

The House has passed some of the 40 gun bills, only 3 of which are pro-gun. Others are pending. But keep in mind that if the President lands on any of the anti-gun proposals to support, the 2nd amendment is in trouble.

Example: HR 1585 is backed by Republicans- it’s the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The problem with it is that while Congress has consistently re-upped the legislation, this time it includes lifetime bans for misdemeanor charges, and would fund the CDC for doing biased research on gun violence, according to the Firearms Policy Coalition.

Here are some of the usual attempts to gut the 2nd amendment: assault weapons and extended magazine bans, ‘safe storage’ requirements, forcing gun owners to purchase liability insurance before gun purchase, licensing and registration of handguns, gun buyback programs, bans 18-20 year olds from purchasing firearms, face-to-face ammo purchases only, extended time limits for NICS background checks…and the list goes on.

In all, the vast majority of the bills create criminals rather than eliminate them.


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