Trump Considering Designating Antifa as Domestic Terrorists

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President Trump considering the designation of Antifa as domestic terrorists has some people tied in knots. Others are applauding the idea, and hoping that it will happen soon so that law enforcement can take action against them. (The Hill)

A petition to have them designated as domestic terrorists only received 41, 369 signatures, with only 2 days left to go.

Sens Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy introduced a nonbinding resolution in the Senate that would designate the group as domestic terrorists. It needs to be binding. They need to be stopped.

“It would give law enforcement greater tools, greater permission to use tools, in order to combat Antifa. Antifa is spreading from the west coast, where it started, to different cities. Their intimidating tactics should be stopped where they are and not allowed to spread.” Bill Cassidy to Fox News

When Senator Cruz asked FBI Director Christopher Wray last week if he would investigate Antifa under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, Wray responded they figured Antifa was more of an “ideology than an organization.” That is not exactly correct. They are most certainly organized, and very well. There are Antifa groups in Europe, and across the United States.

They are fascists themselves. They accomplish their goals by intimidation, violence, and chaos. They are Communist at their core, but come off as anarchists.

Of course, the ACLU is crying foul, saying that Trump considering “labeling” the group as terrorists would go too far, according to Fox. But how far is too far for people who beat and intimidate reporters, slam bats and bike locks into people’s heads, push people to the ground and punch them, firebomb government buildings, wear masks to try and hide their faces from cameras, take over cities, and cause extreme chaos?

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