Trump Comes Home to White House: More Hate Follows

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The headlines read, “President Trump comes home to the White House.” Liberals everywhere were on their knees screaming “Nooooooo Noooooo!” They had so hoped he would die, their not-so-charming wishes were all over the net. The President beat the coronavirus in one weekend. Could anyone give him a break? Apparently only his supporters.

The good guys were out in force:

One liberal journalist (using the term loosely) was caught on a hot mic saying “That wasn’t as much fun as yesterday.” You know, because she was hoping he’d die. For her, it would be so much more fun to believe he was in bad shape and not going to recover. She’s a ghoul, just like the rest of them from the MSM.

And the fake news media continued to bombard the President with innuendo and nastiness as he left Walter Reed Hospital: They shouted  things like “How many of your staff are sick?” and “Are you a super spreader?” as he climbed into the limo to go to Marine One. The Gateway Pundit reported that the jackwagon who shouted that to Trump is from Yahoo.

The news reports said things like “he’s not out of the woods yet.” And people commented cheery thoughts like, “There is no excuse for you to go back to the White House when you have everything you need at the hospital.” Then there was CNN which made a point of saying that he “downplayed COVID-19.” Which he did not – he mentioned the truth that overreacting could cause more harm than good. CNN was busily hyping the panic, which was tremendously damaging to the country.

The ever-present Communist rag Washington Post slammed the Walter Reed doctors for discharging the President, saying that they’ve “endorsed insanity.” Dipstick Jennifer “medical expert” Rubin wrote:

Lung damage, Jennifer Rubin? You are a medical expert these days? Or are you just a mask Nazi? He’s going back to the White House to “continue his treatment.” You might be careful whom you call “cowards.”

The insanity rests on the mainstream media, whose constant nastiness is truly disgusting. All in all, we’re thankful the President is alive, and the liberals are not. Tough. Trump is a fighter, and we’re still winning.


Featured photo: Screenshot via White House video of Trump’s return abord Marine One from Walter Reed Military Hospital


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  • Von Cornelius

    Good article. Loved the videos of the crowd cheering him on when he left hospital and him coming back to the Whitehouse.

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