Trump Boat Parades Across Nation on Labor Day Weekend

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There have been Trump Boat Parades across the Nation this Labor Day Weekend. Most went off perfectly, although one in Travis County, Texas caused about 5 boats to sink. But thousands participated in the Trump Boat Parades on Saturday across 23 states. (OANN)

The problem in Travis County was that the larger boats swamped the smaller ones with their wakes. Apparently their boats weren’t properly “socially distanced.” TCSO didn’t find any evidence of tampering with the boats.

Screenshot via Twitter Rahul Upadhyay

The Statesman reported,

The Travis County sheriff’s office said it received 15 distress calls about boats taking on water, stalled engines, capsized boats and boats sinking. The sheriff’s office also received three additional reports of boats taking on water from a local towing company, according to a news release Sunday.

Three boats were towed out and two remain submerged, the sheriff’s office said. No injuries were reported and officials did not find any evidence of foul play.

The left had their fun, calling the sinkings of the boats a “metaphor” and that the parades were “insane.” They tweeted disparaging remarks ad nauseum through Twitter. But the fact remains that the enthusiasm for President Trump is unsinkable at this point.

Why boat parades and car parades? Because the politicians won’t allow Conservatives to gather in large groups. Only Black Lives Matter and Antifa get to do that (complete with matches and screaming fits). So Trump supporters have come up with a way for the silent majority to no longer be silent: with air horns, flags, chants and boats.

Newport Harbor, California…

Galveston, Texas:

The Ohio River:

Lake Ouachita, Arkansas

Some of the venues were: Lake Lanier, Georgia; Indian Lake, Pennsylvania; San Diego, California; South Holston Lake, Virginia; Marble Lake in Quincy, Michigan; Louisiana; Toms River, Jersey Shore, New Jersey; Washington DC; Lake Havasu, Arizona; Table Rock Lake, Missouri; Topsail Island in North Carolina; Navarre Bridge, Florida; St Croix River, Minnesota; Buffalo, NY; Mississippi River in Iowa; Alabama, and many others.

Thousands of boaters participated in the events from West to East over the weekend.

So the Democrats think they’re going to win in November. Not so fast, said the Trump supporters.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Twitter Alan Wright @alwrightone Trump boat parade at Fort Myer, Florida


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