Trump at Walter Reed – Leftist Bloodlust, Patriots Compassion

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Trump at Walter Reed Military Hospital was barely on the media ticker when leftists congregated outside to chant for him to die. Trump supporters gathered outside the hospital to pray for his recovery, and a pro-Trump march on Saturday heard chants of “We Love Trump.” The prayer warriors are still there and plan to stay until he goes home. There has never been a more clear divide in America- the raging, vile, vicious leftists versus the people who still care about their fellow humans.

Trump at Walter Reed – Loving America and our President

A #WalkAway “Unsilent Majority” march was held on October 3 in DC to chants of “We Love Trump” and statements over the bullhorn about walking away from Democrats, Antifa, BLM, and others. Other patriotic Americans gathered at Walter Reed to pray for the President, and a vigil will be held tonight at 8 EDT.

Trump at Walter Reed – the deranged ones

The following are just a few of the examples put forward by Breitbart over the vile and disgusting sentiments from leftists who hoped for Trump to die. From the fool in the Pepto Bismol costume with her middle finger in the air as she danced, to the taunters and chanters who just couldn’t bring themselves to care.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

And this lovely piece of Antifa crap couldn’t resist taunting the Trump supporters outside the hospital. Except- much to the chagrin of the haters, he’s not going to die.

And a “Biden supporter” making certain everyone understands that his people aren’t caring or compassionate.

This is NOT a “lady.” A lady is a woman, but not all women are ladies. And she appears to be drunk.

Even nasty leaflet spreading was happening outside the hospital.

Heads up: If you’re on the fence about supporting Trump, get off it. The choice is more clear than ever.  The divide is growing, and our fight may soon be more than on social media.

Featured photo: screenshot of #WalkAway march on October 3


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