Trump Asylum Policy To Go Into Effect After Supreme Court Win.

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The Supreme Court allowed the Trump asylum policy to go into effect late Wednesday night, over and above the injunctions placed against it by the 9th Circuit Court. The ruling was 7-2, which means some of the liberal justices sided with the administration. Only Justices Sotomayor and Ginsburg dissented. (Fox)

The ruling is NOT the final say, it only removed the injunction as the case moves through the lower courts.

The Trump Asylum Policy

trump asylum policy
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A surge of migrants have been using the US asylum policy as the basis for fraudulent claims. So the President sent a memorandum that says anyone who claims asylum must do so from a nation through which they came, NOT inside the United States.

“President Trump has signed a Presidential Memorandum to ensure legitimate asylum-seekers can access asylum while more efficiently processing and removing illegal migrants who are not eligible and who do not qualify…

Our immigration system has reached a breaking point as we continue to see an overwhelming surge of migrants, with more than 100,000 arriving at our border in March alone.

As a result of loopholes in United States immigration law, migrants claiming fear are often released into communities across the United States, where they often remain indefinitely.

In order to remain in the country, they often fail to show up to court hearings, fail to file an asylum application, or fail to comply with removal orders once their claims have been denied.

The White House

San Francisco Judge Jon Tigar, an Obama appointee, issued an order of injunction against the Trump asylum policy, saying that the asylum system needs to be uniform. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals narrowed his ruling to only Arizona and California. But on Monday, Tigar reinstated the injunction to all 50 states.

The Trump administration took it to the Supreme Court and won. How can a single judge impose a nationwide injunction? They have no jurisdiction to do so, but the trend during the Trump administration has been to block everything he has attempted. Lately, every Obama judge seems to feel they they have the power to rule over the entire nation. Only the US Supreme Court has such authority.

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