Trump advocates arise

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Is Donald Trump just a letch who can’t keep his hands to himself? That’s the assertion of the mainstream media.   But there are people who are smart enough not to believe everything they hear, and some of these are beginning to come forward. Will he come out of this fire with not even the smell of smoke on his clothing?

Rush Limbaugh

So as Rush Limbaugh put it this morning,

Okay.  So Donald Trump, 30 years an A-list celebrity, 30-years, wildly rich, wildly famous, he’s owned the Miss Universe pageant, he’s been surrounded by beautiful women all over the world, 30 years.  And not once in those 30 years has any of them ever claimed that he octopused ’em and he assaulted ’em, not once.  Nope, not until three weeks ago before the presidential election. 

For 30 years Donald Trump’s been all over the world, all over the country, he’s hosted TV shows.  Not once did anybody say he was a racist pig, until he began to run for president on the Republican ticket and then here came the catcalls.  You know what some conservative media are now saying?  Conservative media, folks. This is why we can’t win.  Our own side doesn’t even realize what they’re doing.  So we have some conservative media out there who hate Trump.  You know who they are; I know who they are. 

Conservative Traitors

There are Conservatives who think they’re doing themselves a favor by supporting Hillary. That’s not counting the RINO lemmings who have jumped ship. There are cowardly Conservative media who are being fools as well.  Louise Mencsh, who was and I say that emphatically WAS a Republican has now switched sides to Hillary. She is the head of the supposedly Conservative news page Heat Street.It’s like having a traitor in the fold.

A former Miss Nebraska Teen USA had this to say about The Donald:

“I am going to be very truthful and let ABC know that Donald Trump was an absolute gentleman. I never witnessed any inappropriate behavior whatsoever the entire 2 weeks that I participated in the pageant. I’m sure that none of my interview will make the news since I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Donald. I do find it interesting and important for people to know that these are the depths the media is going to for their smear campaign.” Natasha Rickley

Former Miss Universe Manager


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