Troy, New York BLM Protesters Harass, Assault Church Attendees

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For the last several days, BLM protesters have made a point of harassing church goers at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York. With megaphones and shouting, the protesters (a lot of whom are white) intimidated people who were simply coming in or out of a church by getting in their faces and chanting. At one point they marched into the church building during a service and stopped it, using both shouting and physical confrontation.

(They should probably make a stop at a Planned Parenthood clinic if they want to chant ‘save those kids’).

“We will NEVER apologize to the mob!” Grace Baptist Church

At one point, when their pastor intervened to protect parishioners on Sunday, one of the protesters assaulted him and shouted, “How’s your head feel, Pastor?”

This particular church in Troy did a raffle for an AR rifle last month, which drew the attention of anti-gunners and Black Lives Matter. Grace Baptist Church is a mixed congregation, with many Black members.

Here are some of the videos from the altercations:

Let’s review some of the shouting from this incident in Troy, New York, according to the Daily Wire:

In one of the videos, protesters storm the church and repeatedly chant “Black Lives Matter” and a near-fight breaks out. Additionally, one of the protesters yells at a churchgoer, “f*** you.” He responds by saying “Jesus loves you.” The protester replies by telling the man Jesus doesn’t love him…

…At one encounter, a churchgoer attempts to go up the steps into Grace Baptist but is held back and physically assaulted by protesters. The pastor of the church gets involved to save the man, who is grossly outnumbered.

The pastor was apparently assaulted during the scuffle, as one protester taunts, “How’s your head feel, pastor?” The pastor was also called “soft” and a “p****.”

“Stop hiding behind your godd*mn religion,” another protester shouted. “This church is racist,” screamed another.

One of the agendas of Communism/Marxism is that “religion” destroys the forward motion of the revolution. Any student of history knows that when Communists came to power in any country, they openly attacked people in the faith community, calling them enemies. In China, for example, Christians have been persecuted, hounded, imprisoned and their churches destroyed for decades. Karl Marx believed that religion was created by man, not God, and called it an “opiate” of the people. Black Lives Matter is an avowed Marxist organization.

This is just the beginning, folks. As this radical leftist organization grows in power, their agenda will grow in violence. The shouted lies, the division and hate.  Who are the racists? It’s certainly not Grace Baptist Church.


Featured photo: screenshot via Grace Baptist Church, Troy, New York.


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