Trouble Voting Today? You’re not alone

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Voting in this election has been a challenge for many just to get out the vote. Machines across several districts cities and states across the country are reportedly creating havoc with either being broken or jammed, having votes already in them before they’re even turned on, or not counting straight ticket votes. Then there are the cheat sheets and outright fraud in Philly.  But first…

Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

“Here in Tangipahoa Parish I just witnessed a voting machine that they had to turn off and call the commissioner in because when it was powered it on this morning and already had votes on the machine for the Democratic Party.

I am posting the video to show that this is accurate information and I would say this is going to be the norm. I overheard the commissioner who was here so this was the fifth location he had go to this morning to correct this…” Brandon Allen Facebook post

Breitbart reported that Washington County in Utah had to resort to paper ballots after  voting machines malfunctioned from programming issues. In Texas, a Houston – area computer that the clerks used caused voters to be sent to another polling station.

Then there’s Pennsylvania, which appears to be having serious issues all over the state.

According to information received by Uncle Sam’s, several districts in PA had problems with the voting machines. Our “man on the ground” there said that in his district there didn’t appear to be any issues and he was able to vote without a problem.

The machines do not appear to like straight ticket voting, so be sure to double check your ballots before finishing the process. There was one place in Philadelphia that encouraged voters to take their Democrat cheat sheet into the voting booth with them.


One report showed that a Democrat poll worker was passing out instructions on how to vote for Hillary…that can’t be legal.

There were machines in other places in PA that had issues:




Numerous reports of poll watchers being harassed, machines breaking down from calibration issues, etc. (Note Corum is in Oklahoma- the others are in PA) Officials say that most of these issues have been handled, but voters MUST pay attention!


All in all it’s been an eventful day at the polls across several states.



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