Troop Deployment to Poland and Russia’s Ire

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In what feels like the inevitable push toward WWIII, around 3,500 troops crossed into Poland from Germany on Thursday, much to the anger of Russia.  They will be based in Zagan… along with 87 tanks, and 2,500 other military vehicles. It’s the largest deployment of US troops since the Cold War. It is a 9 month deployment that has been planned for a year.

“[The deployment] symbolizes a turn in our efforts on this front, and is an important part of our continued effort to deter Russian aggression and maintain a free Europe.” Meghan Henderson, EUCOM spokesperson

The deployment of the Army’s 3rd Brigade based out of Fort Carson is reportedly in response to Russian aggression in the Ukraine. When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, and began backing the rebel forces against the Ukraine government, NATO countries began to worry.

Russia is not happy about the troops.

“These actions threaten our interests, our security, especially as it concerns a third party building up its military presence near our borders.” Dmitry Peskov, Putin spokesman

A region as much of a powderkeg as the Middle East

Nuclear capable missiles

Russia’s placement of Iskander long range missiles at Kaliningrad near the border of NATO countries in October didn’t help. The move made NATO nations extremely nervous. Iskander missiles can carry nuclear warheads.

Poland has not been happy with Obama’s “Russia reset” after he failed to deploy a major missile defense system, replacing it with a lesser one.

Add to all of that Russian violations of NATO countries airspace on numerous occasions and you have the setup for a nasty conflict.

“The deployment of missiles close to alliance borders that can carry nuclear warheads does not help to lower tensions. We need more — not less — transparency and predictability on military activities to avoid incidents and the risk of misunderstandings.” NATO representative


Featured photo: screenshot of US troops getting ready to leave Germany for Poland via Stars and Stripes.

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