Trident Review Board- Is the Navy Trying to Humiliate a SEAL Before Retirement??

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Insubordination appears to be the game with high level Naval officers these days. Adm Colin Green basically thumbed his nose at  President Trump when he convened a “Trident Review Board” for December 2 to take away Eddie Gallagher’s coveted SEAL trident. That’s after Trump reinstated his rank so that he could retire with the money he paid into it. Lt Jacob Portier is also set to have his Trident taken away.

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For his part, President Trump declared they will NOT take Gallagher’s Trident.

Gallagher filed an IG complaint against  the top Navy officer.

Let’s look at this carefully: Adm Green has the authority to take the Trident all by himself. But he convened a review board – why? Is he trying to skate out from under the responsibility so he can blame Trump?

The Navy Times reported:

The IG complaint stated it was “incomprehensible to understand how, given the Commander in Chief’s clear guidance that he felt the punishment was too severe for such a minor offense, how (Green) thinks it is appropriate to countermand this and increase the punishment.

“Moreover, no flag officer should ever be speaking contemptuously of the Commander in Chief in front of his subordinates,” according to the complaint.

Along with Green, the complaint also takes aim at ex-Naval Special Warfare Group 1 commodore Capt. Matthew D. Rosenbloom, who allegedly “used his authority to attempt to influence the outcome of this case by intentionally hampering SOC Gallagher’s ability to assist in his own defense, to include tainting witnesses and threatening SOC Gallagher’s supporters.”

Although a military jury acquitted Gallagher, Green “seems unable to respect the constitutional principles that they have sworn to uphold in their vendetta against SOC Gallagher,” the IG complaint alleged.

“It seems like the obvious question here is, ‘Why?’ Why is (Naval Special Warfare) obsessed with punishing SOC Gallagher even though he has already suffered unjust punishment? Why is NSW seeking retribution against SOC Gallagher when it should be looking inward at its own organization? The answer is simple: It is easier to cast out SOC Gallagher and blame POTUS for his intervention than it is to correct an internal leadership problem,” the complaint stated.

The procedure to remove the Trident for a SEAL is for those who are remaining in the Navy, not for someone like Gallagher who is planning to retire. It’s time that these corrupt, Trump-haters should be fired.

“If Admiral Green really wants to do this, he shouldn’t try and put people in the middle to put the blame on them…He shouldn’t be a coward like that. He should stand up and do it himself….So what he’s doing here is really just an effort to try and publicly humiliate Chief Gallagher and stick it right in the president’s eye.” Tim Parlatore, Gallagher Attorney to Fox News

Obama purged the ranks of the military of literally hundreds of strong leaders. It’s time Trump purged the ranks of the backbiting, selfish, simpering cowards that are left.

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  • Robert Adams

    If you disagree with a POTUS legal order you don’t resign.

  • Johnny Redwine

    Trump has him covered. Like the pardons !
    He is the man !

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