Travis Snyder – A Marine Veteran’s 800+ Mile Journey to Bring Awareness

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Cpl Travis Snyder is a US Marine veteran (an “alpha Marine”) who served with The Marine Corps from 2012 to 2018, according to wzzm. He recently walked  over 800 miles around Lake Michigan to bring awareness to the suicides of 20 veterans per day. The nonprofit “Mission 22” was behind his journey.

Travis told news media that some of the reasons veteran struggle so much is that “Your friends are having kids, your siblings and families are still doing day-to-day life and meanwhile you’re focused on a mission. I think that’s one sacrifice that not everybody notices.”

Screenshot of Travis crossing the bridge via KTVQ

Travis was able to share with both news media and individuals along his journey.

“I’ve been meeting some remarkable people along the way, it’s been a blessing to speak with folks who have been affected one way or another by Suicide. Together, we starting a conversation that needs to be had. Thank you all for your continued support!” Travis Snyder 

His former Marine company, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines, Alpha Company followed his journey, and encouraged others to join him for the last few miles on their Facebook Page. Numerous people did join him  for that last mile.

It took Travis 42 days to make the journey from August 26 to October, stopping after about 25 miles each day. Though he originally planned to pitch a tent each night, people who heard about his journey invited him to their homes instead. He didn’t have to pitch his tent at all the entire journey.

His plan was to have conversations about military suicides, one person at a time. And that he did, doing his level best to raise awareness. It was fresh on his heart to do this, after a his roommate recently killed himself.

“Everyone got along with him. He was a very knowledgeable, hardworking kid, and I would’ve never guessed he was struggling in that way.” Travis

The soft-spoken Marine veteran seemed amazed at the support he received:

“Our story has now been shared not just nationally, but on the international stage as well. I’m so thankful to say that our message has reached so many folks that are in need of hope and healing. I’ve been blessed these last 10 days to receive messages from followers in the UK, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Costa Rica and the Sudan, as well as from all over the United States.” Travis Snyder on Facebook

facebook photo via Travis Snyder

Semper Fi, Travis. May the words you spoke bring life to many.

Featured photo: screenshot via wzzm


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    Way to step up and show the world some compassion! Congratulations Travis!!!❤

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