Travel ban on Taliban “prisoners” expires next week

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Update 5/31 – The US says that Qatar has decided to extend the travel ban on the 5 Taliban leaders for an undisclosed length of time.

Original story:

The five “senior leaders” of the Taliban who were exchanged for Bowe Bergdahl are set to be turned back into the population of Qatar next week. It was only a 1 year “travel ban.” The United States is engaged in talks with Qatar to keep the men under ‘restrictions.’


The 5 “senior Taliban leaders” that were exchanged for Bergdahl are set to be released next week

Violating the rules

One of the five is known to have already contacted his former Islamists during that year, which resulted in an increased surveillance. Another had members of an Al-Qaeda affiliate travel to Qatar to meet with him and possibly several of the others.

“If, as scheduled, Qatar permits these five former detainees to possess passports and travel to Afghanistan or Pakistan when the memorandum of understanding expires on June 1, they will be at liberty to play an even more direct role in attacks against the men and women of our military.” 13 members of the House Intelligence Committee

While US officials don’t think that Qatar will release the men outright. Even the UN has admitted the rules for contacting jihadists were violated. They could be kept in Qatar, or sent back to Afghanistan, or released.

What will Qatar do?

Qatar likes to play both ends of the political spectrum. They often pretend to be a friend of the United States. But they, like Saudi Arabia, (and the United States), are heavily responsible for funding  the radical Islamists over time, and helped in the rise of ISIS from the beginning.

Why?  Wahhabism. Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar have subscribed to that extremist form of Islam. In an interview with RT back in December, a researcher on Middle East Security stated,

“Qatar is one of the global funders of terrorism in the entire world. Fair enough, Qatar has excellent economic relations with the Western countries but it has a policy of double standards. It maintains a great relationship with the Western countries and within the Middle East it fuels bloodshed, violence and lots of conflicts as we can see now from Libya to Syria, Iraq, Somalia, even the Gaza Strip. Qatar has a hand in funding terrorism in the Middle East; there are numerous radical jihadist movements within the Middle East who get funds from Qatar. And the Qatari government has turned a blind eye to its own nationals funding these movements for a number of years now. So in essence we must put the blame the US which does exempt Qatar from accountability in regard to this matter.” Danni Makki

In view of their funding of terrorism, will Qatar heed the US request to not allow these men to be free?

Four of the men are currently on a United Nations blacklist that restricts their travel worldwide, and freezes their finances. But their contacts… that’s a whole ‘nother story. Regardless of where these men end up, they have connections to other jihadists.  Obama let them out in exchange for a deserter.

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