Track Star Takes Down Robber with a Bottle of Sparkling Cider

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A Spokane, Washington couple took down a car burglar with a bottle of sparkling cider. It helped that the husband was a track star.

Stacey Ellis noticed that the interior light in one of their cars was on, so she went to investigate. She noticed that a man was inside one of their other cars, notified her husband and called 911.

The man took off running. But he was about to experience his own stupidity…

Her husband, Gerald Ellis, was a track star at the University of Oregon. He grabbed a bottle of sparkling cider (no idea why) and ran after the suspect.

Ellis tackled the suspect, who actually fired a shot, and disarmed the man by whacking him in the head with that bottle of sparkling cider. Good move.

The couple kept him detained until police arrived. They learned the man was armed with a BB gun, not a real one.

Samual A. Clopton, 35, was arrested and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. And probably a massive headache. He faces charges of First Degree Robbery, according to KXLY News.

Police generally don’t advocate people confronting suspects, but the Spokane police said that this couple did a good job.

Portland police, for example, have an entire policy on confronting suspects that encourages people to just give them what they want.

“Robbery is a risky business and robbers are usually nervous. You do not want to delay a robbery in any way and increase the potential for violence. Give the robber what he or she wants and do it quickly. Do not risk your life, or another person’s life, for property.”

The problem with that philosophy is that sometimes criminals are nasty enough to kill over the property. Until we make it hard for them to steal from us, they will continue to do so. Mr. Clopton gets to live his dream…of being in a confined space for 10 to 20.

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