Toy Gun Exchange…Because “Getting Rid of Any Gun is Important”

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Hempstead, New York held their 3rd annual toy gun exchange this year. The philosophy? “The purpose is to offer safe alternatives to toy guns. We don’t want the kids playing with guns. Guns are dangerous.” Hempstead Village Trustee LaMont Jackson.

There are whole generations of Americans that grew up playing “cops and robbers,” “cowboys and Indians,” with toy “six guns” and none of us grew up to be mass shooters. We never had a “toy gun exchange.” It has to do with attitude more than the toy.

Truthfully, there are fake guns that really do mimic the real thing, and those are dangerous. Children can be shot dead if they brandish a look-alike toy gun at a police officer or other person. It’s happened before.  The green or blue or orange ones, however…that’s a different story. But again, that’s a product of adults who fail to teach their children the proper attitudes toward both guns and people.

The Blaze reported,

Hempstead Village Police Department Lt. Derek Warner told the station that parents could be putting their kids’ lives at risk by gifting them toy guns for the holidays.

Warner added that police officers can often mistake toy weapons for real ones.

“Toy guns can be a dangerous item to give your children,” Warner explained.

Sean Acosta, a former New York Police Department officer who purchased the toys, reportedly told children earlier in December that he wants “to make sure when you grow up, nothing happens to you.”

The buyback program began in 2015, according to a report in the Washington Times, and was designed to keep toy guns off the streets — specifically because of shootings related to children in the Hempstead area.

Some of us grew up in homes with loaded weapons and the rule that we couldn’t touch them EVER, or face severe consequences. We learned at a very early age that pointing a gun at a person was a big no-no. They were hard and fast rules, and we didn’t violate them- if we did, the pain the our butts was real and lasted about an hour. It’s a different world we live in now.

Featured photo: screenshot via ABC News

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  • William Wando

    Wow – what a great way to brainwash today’s youth into being obedient subjects. What ever happened to the days when police officers used to go to schools to teach gun safety, in order to help develop solid citizens comfortable with their 2nd amendment rights?

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