Toronto Child’s Hijab Cutting Did Not Happen

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On Friday, an 11 year old girl, Khawlah Noman, her brother and mother held a news conference in Toronto. The girl told the story of a man with scissors who ran up behind her on the way to school, yanked off her hood, and cut her hijab. She even said she screamed and he ran away but came back again and cut it a second time. Police have concluded the incident did not happen.

Fake News

The incident gained international attention. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau expressed outrage.

The world flew into a heated discussion once again of hate crimes and “Islamophobia.” And, as usual, police conducted an investigation and interviewed a lot of people…only to find it was all a hoax. Which happens a lot with children who are taught to lie. Remember the boy who cried “wolf?” Oh that’s right, children aren’t taught those things anymore are they?

Her school expressed relief that the incident did not happen.

But the truth is:

This has happened before.


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