Tone-Deaf Millionaire Pelosi Shows Freezer Full of Gourmet Ice Cream Amid Shutdowns

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Tone-deaf millionaire Pelosi went on late-night television to show off her expensive freezer full of mail order ice cream. You know, while millions of Americans are waiting for a $1200 check for keep themselves afloat during the shutdowns from COVID-19. Her side-by-side refrigerators (oh and they’re built in, by the way) cost more than many Americans make in a year. (Daily Wire)

Pelosi loves chocolate. Which is no problem, lots of us love chocolate. But the “optics” of her late night appearance on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden weren’t particularly favorable. Especially since the emergency program to help small businesses ran out of money already.  It didn’t endear her to many of us.

Several Twitter users responded:

“Nancy probably has one refrigerator or food and one for booze.”

“She slips up at the end, revealing she stocked up for Easter visitors. Guess the speaker is above social distancing protocols.”

“Yes! I thought that too! She was about to say they stocked up for Easter guests/family. Why would she not be concerned with quarantining, able to party freely without concern?!”

“They think this actually endears her to an average person, by showing her life. They are mistaken.”

“What a total a$$hole. As thousands line up for food banks in her state she happens to look fresh as a 90 year old daisy with her stainless steel appliances. Yesterday was feeding station day in my country for all of the students who only eat at school.”

“Now we know why she thinks $1000 in bonuses workers received was “crumbs”, after the tax cuts for every American, since it wouldn’t pay for her ice cream or 1/20th of her refrigerator.”

One Twitter user described her background and millionaire status:

“Don’t look into her husband’s stock holdings unless you want your blood to boil about her soft corruption and ways they have enriched themselves through her position. Pelosi’s main bragging point, is that she raises more legal bribes than anyone else!”

Now, we’re not knocking her for being a millionaire or even a multimillionaire (unless it was on the taxpayer’s tab…ahem). It is capitalism, after all. The issue is the optics of her big fancy mansion with its built in refrigerators in the middle of a pandemic when most people are barely making ends meet. That’s why she appears to be a tone-deaf millionaire who doesn’t give a fig for the needs of Americans. And she and her buddy Schumer have been blocking important funding for American small businesses (which has run out of money already).  Which is why the President Tweeted this:

And the best response of one Twitter user was, “Tell her you have ice cream and chocolate, maybe that will bring her back.”


Featured photo: screenshot of Pelosi on the Late Late Show


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  • Sandra2015

    This article says it all – Nancy Antoinette says — Small businesses their owners, workers, and families have no bread?
    How sad. But, look here, I have a stache of $13 a point ice-cream!

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