Tom Perez – New Head of the Democrat Party is Same Ol’ Same Ol’

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On Saturday, the Democrats held the election for the new Chairman of the Democrat National Committee. They elected Tom Perez. Tom Perez immediately appointed Keith Ellison, his main opponent, as his Deputy Chair. It’s the same old rabid, corrupt, left wing party that it has been for a long time.

Tom Perez – No Change Ahead

Perez was once a board member and president of the Soros-funded open-borders group, Casa de Maryland. Soros. Where have we heard that name before?

He will not work with the President, and neither will Ellison. In fact, referred to them as “declaring war” on Trump.

Perez was the Assistant Attorney General under Eric Holder’s DOJ, and later Secretary of Labor under Obama. He strongly believes that the government can force the transformation of the culture. And boy did they try to do that.

Then there is the fact that in the Wikileaks email dump from Hillary’s Campaign, there were 18 documents that show he was working against Bernie Sanders. Eighteen. And 447 documents in total on both Perez and Ellison.

Keith Ellison has anti-Semitic roots in his Nation of Islam connection (he is a Muslim). In an election with only 435 voters, Perez only won on the second ballot, garnering 235 votes. Ellison reportedly stormed out of the room shouting “Party for the people, not big money!”

Of the two men left standing at the end, Perez is the best choice, if you don’t mind his past. So Ellison gets his trophy- the Deputy Chairmanship of the DNC, and Perez, the winner gets to continue his left-wing agenda (or Obama’s, or Hillary’s).

You just have to love how the more things “change,” the more they stay the same.


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