TN Woman Charged With Desecrating American Flag

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TN Woman Charged With Desecrating American Flag

Tennessee Park Rangers and Bradley County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Emily Arianna Warren for desecrating the American and Tennessee flags at Red Clay State Park.
Patrol officers were called to a report of someone burning the American flag. When they arrived, Warren had removed both the Tennessee State flag and the U.S. flag from the pole and was stomping on them.

Though officers did not find any evidence of her burning the flags, they thought she might have thrown them into the Eternal Flame at the park.

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Emily Arianna Warren – Bradley County Sheriff photo

To top it all off, she confessed to having done it before. She also admitted she had been swimming in the “blue hole” inside the park – one that is clearly marked “No Trespassing.”

She is charged with two counts of desecration of a flag, vandalism under $500 and criminal trespassing. She is at the Bradley county jail on a $1,250 bond.

“That angers me. It’s absolutely disrespectful. It’s not something that can just be described in a few words but it’s a beautiful thing, I see a lot of beauty in it. And even if you’re not for it, you don’t stand for it, have the decency to just leave it alone.” Manny Montes De Oca, a resident who flies the American flag every day


This TN woman was yelling at the top of her lungs, “I am a Sovereign Citizen!”

The news media that reported this incident all happened to mention that statement – not that they might be biased or anything.

“Sovereign Citizens”

The FBI has termed the “Sovereign Citizen” movement as Domestic Terrorists.  But even they have no clue what that may entail. There are many “definitions” of the movement, all of which are labelled as ‘extremist.’

On definition says it’s anyone who believes that the Sheriff is the highest ranking Constitutional  law enforcement Officer (which is correct, actually). One definition says it’s anyone who picks and chooses which laws to obey and which to not obey (nebulous). Another definition is that even though they reside in America, they are “sovereign” or separate from it (closer).

First Amendment

As far as Warren goes, burning and/or desecration of the American flag is illegal in 48 states, but according to the Supreme Court, the laws prohibiting it are unconstitutional. In 1989, the SCOTUS said that it was a protected right of the First Amendment (oh, right say anything about Muslims or tear up one of their flags and see what happens).



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