Tlaib Tirade, Impeachment Papers, Gun Control Promises, – Congress Day One

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In true statesman-like fashion (not), one of the newly elected Muslims, Rashida Tlaib went on a profanity-laced tirade against Trump on the first day of Congress.  And that’s not all. Pelosi promised serious gun control legislation. Dems introduced bills to eliminate the Electoral College, papers to Impeach Trump, demand his tax returns, and limit Presidential pardons. Oh, and they still are refusing the wall.

You can listen to Tlaib’s tirade here:

Her tirade is indicative of a person who should never have been elected in the first place- congressional members who got into politics for a personal vendetta should not be in the place of importance. And there’s a lot of them in Congress these days. They are supposed to be there FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  They are supposed to do their best to help America and our citizens, not play these ridiculous political games for the benefit of their own agendas.

Tlaib called Trump a danger to the country in the Detroit Free Press.  I’ll submit that she’s a far greater danger than he will ever be because she does not have the American people at the core of her heart.

Two of the new Muslim members, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar were sworn in on Jefferson’s copy of the Quran. But apparently they were clueless as to why he had that book in the first place. It was to learn about our ENEMIES.  It wasn’t because “Islam has been part of American history for along time.”

Vitriol abounds as the left takes over

The Washington Times reported that Rep Steve Cohen, D-TN, introduced two supposed “amendments” to the Constitution: removal of the Electoral College (because cry babies can’t handle losing elections- snide remarks mine) and limiting the President’s ability to pardon himself or anyone close to him. The foolish measures have no realistic chance of passage because they are so obviously partisan. They require approval by  two-thirds of both chambers and then by three-fourths of state legislatures. Unless… mass hypnosis? Swamp gas?

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi. Her own daughter stated that she is so ruthless that she could “Cut off your head before you knew you were bleeding.” She has vowed to pass strong gun control legislation.

Hopefully all these blowhard items will be stopped dead in the Senate. It’ll just be more #resist, obstruct, and in general waste of our taxpayer money. #BuildTheWall and shut up.




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