Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine – A Prom for Special Needs

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It’s hard for any of us to comprehend what it’s like to be left out of functions – take for example, a person with Down’s Syndrome never being asked or allowed to attend their high school prom even though they want to go. Enter the Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine, a special prom for special needs ages 14 and older. It was held worldwide on Valentine’s Weekend.

[As you know, Tim Tebow was a high profile NFL football player. But he recently signed with the New York Mets Baseball team in September.]

It was the 3rd anniversary of the “Night to Shine,” and was held in 375 churches worldwide for 75,000 guests with special needs. It took 150,000 volunteers to put on the extravaganza. The churches provided the prom dresses for guests, and even had hair dressing and makeup available for them.

“It celebrates people who don’t get celebrated. It gives them a chance to be the stars of the show for a night.” Jonathan Kreider, Greensboro North Carolina

Some guests arrived in limousines, but all got to walk down the red carpet into the venues as their names were called. The  event was spread out over a few days this Valentine’s Day weekend. And even though the people in charge of the party in Kernersville, North Carolina said they “lost control of the red carpet,” everyone had a great time.

From New York City across the nation to the west coast the party was hardy and the smiles big. This is the party in NYC:

The Tim Tebow Foundation started this project 3 years ago. Since then it has grown to 375 proms for special needs people all across the world. Last year they had 200 events. Parents who have special needs children or adults are grateful for the proms, as it brings a mile to the faces of those who rarely get anything to look forward to.

The light in their eyes, the smiles on their faces, the excitement in their hearts…those are the times everyone remembers.

“My daughter had the most amazing time! Thank you for making this event so special for so many!! Thank you Mr. Tebow!” Francis Santos

The US Marine Corps did something similar for 9 years via The House Charity in Washington DC. It was called the Cinderella Ball and USMC members from Quantico walked the guests down the red carpet and into the ballrooms. Moments of a lifetime!

Screenshot from the 2014 Cinderella Ball with Marines from Quantico

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