Three Federal Agents May be Permanently Blinded Thanks to Idiot Portland Mayor’s Lack of Leadership

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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has been called a “10 year old,” and that’s insulting a 10 year old. He ignores the rioters that have torn his city apart, but instead blames Federal law enforcement. Three Federal agents may have been permanently blinded by lasers in the hands of rioters from an  attack at the courthouse on July 20.

The Western Journal reported,

Richard Cline, deputy director of operations at the Federal Protective Service, said at a news conference Tuesday that the crowd removed the plywood covering protecting the federal building and then tried to throw objects and fireworks through the windows at the officers inside.

Rioters also shined lasers into the eyes of officers, set fires nearby and vandalized other buildings with graffiti.

“Protesters advanced towards, engaged the officers, again throwing water bottles and other hard objects, fireworks and using lasers,” Cline said.

“We have three officers who currently have eye injuries, and they may not recover sight in those eyes from those laser attacks.”

The agency had to purchase anti-laser glasses to prevent future eye injuries.

Mayor Ted Wheeler totally delusional and doesn’t care one bit about the rioting and dangerous activities of the anarchists. Anarchists are even using leaf blowers to disperse the tear gas and blow it back in the faces of agents.

Also on Monday, Federal agents saw someone taking pictures of the water intake at the Edith Green Federal Building where some of the agents are staying.  Someone then tweeted, “So we can now shut off the water to the buildings the feds are staying in to make it a nightmare for them.”

Nope, Ted Wheeler doesn’t care about that either. In fact, the city’s leftist council called the fence around the courthouse “illegal” and threatened to start a lawsuit over it.

Portland Bureau of Transportation Director Chris Warner sent a cease and desist letter from the Deputy Portland City Attorney to the U.S. General Services Administration on July 23 demanding that the fence and barriers surrounding the Federal Courthouse be removed.

They apparently WANT the federal courthouse burned to the ground. One of the leftist council members also demanded she be given control of the police so that they couldn’t stop rioters.

We can lay this kind of anarchist garbage squarely at the feet of Portland’s leftist do-nothing Mayor and their radical leftist council. The mob has taken over Portland.

Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter


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    I think it’s time to round the ignorant morons up an willing or not taken out of our country and delivered elsewhere like Venezuela Cambodia and north Korea and see how far their bullshit floats over there and 1 other thing strip their citizenship

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