Three Elk Grove Students Arrested for Body Slamming Principal (video)

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Three Elk Grove students at Florin High school in a suburb of Sacramento, California, were arrested after a lunchtime brawl in which the principal was body-slammed.

Two of the students were arrested on “suspicion of battery,” the other one for making threats to law enforcement.

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Screenshots from the video where Florin High School principal was body-slammed

In the video of the incident you can hear a lot of screaming. Unlike the other incident in South Carolina where students were essentially calm during the officer’s tirade, this crowd was quite agitated before the police showed up. In this case, the School Resource officer was dealing with more than a stubborn kid, he had his hands full.

The fight occurred during the lunch time on Monday at the south campus of the high school. After the incident, threats were posted in the bathrooms on campus, so the police presence was increased. Some students reported that few students showed up to school on Tuesday.

The fight and the injuries

The Sacramento Bee reported,

“There were three school officials who sustained minor injuries,” said Xanthi Pinkerton, spokeswoman for the Elk Grove Unified School District. “I do know one of the school officials, the principal, was involved in stabilizing the situation.”

The altercation involved two separate incidents.

“One incident was involving eight to 10 students,” Pinkerton said. “There was a particular relationship-oriented disagreement.”

In the second incident, “one student had insulted another and they ended up in an altercation.” Pinkerton said.

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