Threats to the President, and a Motorcade Breach?

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President Trump is always in unprecedented danger from radicals and their threats. The narrative of the left wing media has him under constant hate, which has been manifesting in everything from Twitter to videos. It also causes people to jump to conclusions.

Real Threat

In this screenshot of a person named @BummyShiii, and the exchange with @thayoung_Kris, it appears that BummyShiii was planning to assassinate the President as he landed in Austin on Tuesday.

The Twitter exchange was reported by the Gateway Pundit,  “Melo” encouraged Bummy to shoot the president.

Bummy replied, “Say no more, I will go down in history today”

The Secret Service is investigating the Twitter threats, and judging from the photo of the tarmac, this person may actually have the means to carry out the threat. Needless to say he didn’t get the chance to actually shoot the President when he arrived in Austin, but that wasn’t the only incident in the last few days.

One incident wasn’t what it appeared to be as some reported that the Presidential motorcade was the target of a car who intended to “ram it.”

Motorcade in Springfield, Missouri

On August 30, as the Presidential motorcade was rolling through Springfield a white vehicle careened out of the trees toward the group. The “Beast” Driver swerved to the right.

Though people reported it as an attempt to “ram the motorcade,” the actual incident was a woman who lost control of her car from brakes that went out. It careened out of the woods and crashed into the cement. It you look closely at the video, you will see that it did not get close enough for the motorcade to be impacted.

Featured photo – Screenshot via Clayte Hefner, who uploaded the above video



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