Thousand Oaks Police Chief Cancels Charity Event Because Trump Supporters Invited

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If you just shake your head at the stupidity of the left, it’s not enough. The Thousand Oaks Police Chief Tim Hagel, and Venturas County Sheriff Bill Ayub reportedly refused to let their departments participate in a charity event to honor an officer who died saving lives in the Borderline shooting in 2018 because Trump supporting Republicans were invited. Now all the money that was collected for the family has to be returned to the donors, and the family will get nothing. This is the worst example of partisan actions that CAUSE division.

Update: The law enforcement agencies involved stated that the Blue Bowl went in the direction of political agenda rather than the focus on the family of Sgt Ron Helus.  You can read their responses that claim the Sheriff and Police Chief are not the villains that the Fallen Officer Foundation claimed. Either way, the foundation had to return almost $10,000 when the event was cancelled. You can read the Sheriff’s statement here.

The “Blue Bowl” is a co-ed flag football event that honors the fallen who died in the line of duty, and raises money for their families. In the Blue Bowl event, both Democrats and Republicans were invited. The Thousand Oaks police chief  and Ventura County Sheriff didn’t like that, so politicians, and sponsors all dropped out. So much for coming together with “common ground.”

Get rid of the Republican speakers

Mike Randall is the Vice President of the Fallen Officers Foundation, and the event organizer. He invited Scott Baio, who went to the same church as fallen officer Sgt Ron Helus, and Joy Villa, who was set to sing the National Anthem.

FoxLA wrote:

Randall says in a phone call, Hagel questioned why the Trump supporters were invited.

“He basically said over and over in the conversation this is not Trump country, that slogan ‘Make America Great’ is not favorable, popular, within 1,200 square miles, that we don’t want Republicans here, I could not believe it… We were totally floored by this comment, ‘the only thing,’ and I quote, ‘the only thing you coulda made this worse, Mike, was to invite dick Cheney and Sarah Huckabee Sanders,’ and I went…wow are you kidding me?” Randall said.

Randall told FOX 11 that Hagel also said he was contacted by Democratic Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin who was allegedly upset that her previous election opponent local Republican attorney Ronda Kennedy had been invited.

Randall says Hagel told him to get rid of the Republican speakers or else he would tell the Venturas County Sheriff’s Department and local politicians to pull out of the Blue Bowl. When he refused, he allegedly received a text from Hagel saying that after speaking with the Sheriff, they were respectfully pulling out, then, confirmed the decision in a phone call.

“He goes ‘yeah this ain’t gonna work for us,’ I said you’re not gonna support this with the honor guard and he goes ‘no we’re not bringing the honor guard we’re not coming we’re not going to be there, not supporting it’,” said Randall.

That was not “respectfully” pulling out. Their actions were a slap in the face to a charity that tries to be bipartisan.

“The “Blue Bowl” event was represented as a charitable flag football tournament to raise funds for the family of Sergeant Ron Helus. An event that would honor Ron’s memory and provide support to his wife Karen and son Jordan. As the event began to materialize, we became concerned with the behavior of some of the organizers of the event. Although I believe the organizers had good intentions, the event was moving in a direction we no longer felt comfortable supporting.” Ventura County Sheriff Ayub

The behavior of some of the organizers? Because Mr. Randall tried to make it truly bipartisan?  The behavior of the Sheriff and Chief is what was egregious. They should be ashamed.

“I was gonna come up from Hollywood to support this, this is not okay, this is prejudice, hello? You’re shutting down an event because of the way conservatives think, because I support the president? This is disgusting, I’m appalled, and in all my years being an out conservative, I’ve never seen something so despicable like this.” Joy Villa 

She is right. Mike Randall says he’s not giving up.

“Ron Helus was a true hero, he saved lives that night, did he run in and go ‘Are you Republican or Democrat or independent, I need to know before I help you?’ No they don’t… You’ve messed with the wrong person, you’ve messed with the wrong founder,  you’ve messed with the wrong foundation.” Mike Randall, VP Fallen officers Foundation

So much for the brotherhood of officers. So much for common ground. This kind of thing DIVIDES, it does not unify. The partisan stance of Hagel and Ayub is disgusting.

Featured photo: Sgt Ron Helus via Ventura County Sheriff’s Department


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  • Carmine

    FIRE this prick immediately!

  • Paula Chavez

    This behavior of these two liberal idiots is unconscionable! Shame on you both. You Tim Hagel have no business of being chief of anything! You set NO example to anyone, especially children. To cancel a tribute to this fallen officer and help his family is inexcusable and you and your cohort should be fired immediately! You have brought immeasurable shame on yourself as has the sheriff! I’m embarrassed for you, and both of you are a disgrace to all the men and women in blue. Too bad you can’t see this is NOT about the two of you, but an officer protecting the people of your community, and sacrificing himself to do so. You’re both despicable!!!

  • Emily Johnson

    This is Beyond Disgusting Behavior on the Sheriff & Chief’s part… And for them to say it isn’t Trump Country… Well they’d be very surprised to know there are a lot more Trump Supporters in CA then they’d ever like to admit and his support base there is only getting bigger.


    This is so sad and feel misguided by our local news to say the least. Unfortunately our Police Department, Sheriff Office and Political agenda has again risen to to new heights of oppression in that my way of seeing- we as citizens cannot raise money for the families of the people who served us most. Those who cannot speak now because they gave their lives for what they believed in. Their service to the community.
    I’m saddened because these families should have been shown support , instead, the Ventura County Sheriff Department, Thousand Oaks Police, shows the lack of their caring for their own loss. Just because “Republican factions” wanted to show support. I’m tired of being a “child of California”. No more! No more will I support these thieves. “Children of California” stand UP!

  • JJ Smith

    This has got to be fake news, even the most disgusting commie leftist whose party color should be red not blue could not do something this despicable. God save America from liberals.

  • Mickey Stringer

    This is typical of sore losers but this takes the cake. How dare you dictate political views in your district and how dare you not help officers who lay down there lives for folks regardless of their political affiliation. The families will suffer because of you. But as a liberal left leaning brain dead moron I know you will sleep well Tim. I hope when people find out what you did in that district they will call for you to step down. You don’t need to work with the public.

  • Julie

    That police person should be fired it was a charity

    • Kathy

      Yes, indeedy, he needs to be fired.

  • Twirly Wingbutt

    Another un-American liberal fag sissy!

  • Linda eskew

    I am an American feeling that you have allowed these democrats to take control of something so good to honor an officer who gave his life for others. When our we going to say enough these people of EVIL and are sitting and laughing at us..???????????SAD!!!

  • Robert

    These guys wouldn’t make a pimple on a good LE’s backside!

  • JOAN Shipley

    How childish and un american them cops should not be cops there helping to decide our country and there going aganist there own men in blue shame o. Them

  • Connie

    This negative response to back out of an event because everyone there mught not think like you is disgraceful! what kind of example does that send to young people and others. This partisian hatred has been spilling out in places it should never be. It is a misuse of power by both the Sheriff, & the Police Chief. They are making a biased decison for all the officers they lead. They only hurt the family.!! Disgusting, & disheartening. They shoud be charged with civil rights violations, & fired!!

    • Daniel Zakaluzny

      When the children go to school on Monday, their ‘teachers’ will whitewash this garbage and blame the parents for being racist.

  • Tim

    If any Republican had been there with a gun that officer would be alive. I guess the chief wants him dead.

  • Bonefrog

    The liberal left on full display. This is who they are.

  • Larry

    As a retired law enforcement officer who worked in Ventura County and a 50 year resident of Ventura County, I am extremely embarrassed with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department over these decisions. Everyone loses out and no one gains. This could have been a great event and an honor. Now it is a disgrace.

    • Daniel Zakaluzny

      When police behave this way, they lose the trust of locals.

  • Brett Aaron Mickle

    Apparently, hypocrisy is the norm. Whine and cry for children, make sure illegal immigrants get all the help in medical and money they need, as long as they vote Democrat, yet, when it comes to honoring, and helping their own, screw it, and them, no one gets to help unless they are Democrats, that way, Democrats get the praise.
    You dishonor the uniform, and the office. And, by YOUR actions, you justify “Taking a knee”.
    Bravo, Fumbducks.

  • Daniel Zakaluzny

    Blue Lives Matter!

  • Jim

    What an embarrassment to cops across the country, and men in general. This soy boy has every right to be a communist like the rest of California, but not to withhold support for the family of a brave officer who laid down his life to serve others. The police here in Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota are so much stronger than this chief. You are a disgusting excuse for a leader…

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