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Born from the game of baseball, the Thompson Mug Company in Florida has created customizable mugs for anyone who loves the game: they are made from baseball bats.  Two men, former minor league player Randall Thompson, and business strategist Kris Dehnert are ‘swigging’ for the fences as partners in the company.

“Whether you SIP from the BARREL, or take SHOTS from the HANDLE… Real baseball fans DRINK from a BAT” (Thompson Mug Company)

Randall Thompson, President and Founder

Randall Thompson started playing baseball at the ripe old age of 5. Later on, as a pitcher for the Minor League organization of the Toronto Blue Jays in Florida in 2011, he was finally ‘paid to play’. Released in 2012, he lived in his sister’s garage apartment as he worked odd jobs to make ends meet… jobs like dressing up as Spiderman at kids parties, and delivering paint.

Eventually he became a pitching coach at Florida Institute of Technology. His entrepreneurial side manifested as he sat in the dugout one day staring at a bat that had been chopped in half and wondering if drinking from it would be feasible.

It was, and the “Dugout Mug” was born. The mug exhibits his love of baseball, combined with his love of creative endeavors.

The Thompson Mug Company was literally started in a garage. It should be an encouragement to all who have that entrepreneurial spirit – a company born in a garage has become a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Kris Dehnert, CEO and Business Strategist

Kris Dehnert’s background in business growth and development lends itself perfectly to networking and collaborating with some of the industry’s biggest brands. In addition to creating a scalable infrastructure,  you will find him actively attending events, talking with customers, and staying active in day to day business endeavors.

It’s a win-win partnership, and a definite home run!

DugOut Mugs

The entire line up of Thompson Mug Company products are licensed with MLB, MiLB, and the MLB Players Association. Though the Dugout Mug is their flagship product, the others are quickly gaining momentum! They recently released the Knob Shot™ — the knob of a baseball bat turned into a shot glass, the Wined Up™ — a mini baseball bat wine mug, the Season Opener™ — a bat handle turned into a bottle opener, and the Cutter™ which is a half of a baseball turned into a bottle opener!

Thompson Mug Co. products are currently being sold online at, as well as in retail stores, stadiums, and many large websites like Lids and Fanatics.

With the option to customize them or select your favorite MLB team, they’re the perfect gift for coaches, season ticket holders, teams, wedding parties and more.” (from the Thompson Mug Company Press release)

MLB series

“Wined up” series

In case you were wondering about having liquid in a bat, each mug is created with a food grade sealant that preserves the wood. All of the mugs are made in the USA. As Thompson Mug Company says, “Add a little LIQUID to your LUMBER with our custom made baseball bat drinking mugs!”

The Dugout Mugs website is here. They have an Instagram page here. You can like their Facebook page at this link.

They have created mugs for baseball greats like Ken Griffey Jr, Chipper Jones, and Mariano Rivera (note- Mariano was unanimously elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame on January 22, 2019). They also made a mug for Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, and have done them for law enforcement and celebrities.

Chipper Jones

Kris Dehnert with Ken Griffey, Jr

Kris with Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd

Mariano Rivera and Kris

They now also have an Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Mug, and features the main logo along with one for each of the different service branches. You can purchase one at

We wish the team at Thompson Mug Company the best as they continue to hit it out of the park!


Featured photo: The line of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children mugs may be purchased at this link.

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