Third Parris Island Marine Recruit Hospitalized After Falling Off Building

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The third Parris Island Marine Recruit in a little over a year has been hospitalized after falling off a building – or jumping. This recruit fell or jumped one day after he arrived. His name has not been released. reported,

A recruit assigned to Support Battalion at Parris Island’s Recruit Training Regiment fell from the roof of a one-story building and was transported to an off-site medical facility, said Capt. Adam Flores, a spokesman for the depot.

The recruit had arrived at Parris Island just the day before and was undergoing initial processing requirements when the incident occurred. Recruits are assigned to Support Battalion prior to beginning training at one of the depot’s four recruit training battalions.

The recruit’s condition is unknown. He was airlifted to a medical facility in Savannah, Georgia.

In 2016, two recruits were fell or jumped off buildings. The most well known case was Muslim recruit Raheel Siddiqui, who died in March, 2016. His death prompted an investigation that revealed accusations of hazing and abuse by Drill Instructors. High profile removals of officers, and criminal charges for some of the DIs ensued.

Siddiqui’s death was ruled a suicide, a finding which the family disputes. The investigation revealed other claims of abuse, such as another Muslim recruit being thrown in an industrial dryer and interrogated.

Siddiqui’s primary Drill Instructor, GySgt Joseph Felix, is set for trial on charges of cruelty, maltreatment, and drunk and disorderly conduct this fall.

In October last year, Kristian Gashaj jumped from the second story of a building while he was being escorted to a classroom, according to the Marine Corps Times. He remains in a coma at a long-term medical facility in Michigan.



  • Gail

    I am taking care of this recruit now, it makes me sick that our government has allowed this type of abuse to happen to our recruits. He was excited about going to boot camp and he even was hanging around with marines the year before this happened.
    This boy is still in there(his body), but nobody is allowed to work with him to get him better and then send him home. Instead he goes from hospital to hospital, getting infection after infection. I’m sure that the marines hope that he doesn’t make it, this way he cant say anything of what happened that day. It’s very easy to keep him the way he is, without any type of therapy.
    I spoke to a fellow marine, he told me that marines consider this to be friendly fire. If he wasn’t acting right, for example talking and psyching himself to stay awake for 72 hours, the marines would consider this a disgrace. I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw him off the second story building and neither does he.
    My Dad was in the army in WW2, he was in Okinawa in the phillipines when they dropped the bomb. He told me that the marines were the toughest group out there. I also have a cousin who is a green beret. So I have always had respect for our forces and appreciate everything they do for us. Now I’m questioning everything, they dont have the right to do this to someone if they dont like what the person is doing. They should just send them home.
    A lot of people taking care of him feel he should be getting therapy to help him along. If they really cared they would make more of an effort to get him better.

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