Things That Liberals Don’t Know About Guns

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S.C. Sherman wrote a column in ClashDaily that gave a list of things liberals don’t know about guns. It’s not just individual liberals, it’s the uninformed media that feeds their stupidity. Just remember the day back in February when a CNN reporter and a retired military (liberal) officer fired an AR-15 and asked if they could fire it as a “full semi-automatic.”

Yep, CNN was just exhibiting their stupidity…again. And they picked a military guy who can’t apparently hit the broad side of a barn.

The list- what liberals don’t know about guns

We’ll put part of Mr. Sherman’s list here and invite any of you to add to them in the comments. I’ve added a couple of comments to his list.

“They don’t know what kind of weapons purchases trigger a background check.

They don’t know what makes you fail a background check.

They don’t know what kinds of weapons are currently banned in America.

They don’t know that a weapon with wood on it is every bit as dangerous as a black one. (They have pink guns too, just sayin’).

They don’t know the difference between an automatic or a semi-automatic.

They have no idea that the vast majority of weapons out there are semi-auto.

They have no idea semi-auto means one pull of the trigger equals one projectile is fired.

They have no idea that an AR-15 doesn’t stand for Assault Rifle. (Neither does the media, by the way)

They don’t know that an Assault Rifle doesn’t exist. 

They don’t know that you can’t stop mass shootings by outlawing one style of weapon.

They don’t know that marching in the streets makes them look stupid.

They don’t see the irony that they are marching in the streets for their own government to take away their rights provided since America’s inception.

They don’t know that a person with a 380 can kill a person with an AR.

They don’t know that metal detectors and armed guards at a single point of entry would solve the problem…like it does at the airport, the courthouse, and everywhere else it is tried.

They don’t know that I don’t have to have a reason to own a firearm, it’s our right. (And they don’t care because they’re sheep.)

They don’t know that magazines aren’t “rapid fire” …they simply hold rounds.

They don’t know how many is too many rounds a magazine should carry because they have no idea what a magazine is.

They don’t know that a round means a bullet.

They don’t know that ghost guns are fiction.

They don’t know that the gun show loophole is fake news.

They don’t know that the assault weapons ban in the USA was a failure.

They don’t know that if they banned all guns in America they would spark a civil war (and they would lose that war horribly)…”

It’s that last one that concerns us the most. They have no idea how bloody another civil war would be.

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