The Tolerant Left: Antifa, BLM Call For Death of NYPD, Families

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The tolerant left is at it again. Over the weekend, anti-police “protesters” staged “demonstrations,” threatening officers and their families. In New York City, groups chanted “The only good cop is a dead cop,” and “How do you spell Nazi? NYPD!” Then there was the woman who screamed that they should die…and their “children be killed and raped.” Yes, the “tolerant left” is the least tolerant bunch in the history of the nation.

The tolerent left isn’t tolerant at all.

If Black Lives Matter were a legitimate racial justice organization, they wouldn’t need to resort to name-calling. But they are a Marxist group with a Communist agenda and have no intention of truly fighting for racial justice. They simply want to tear down everything and start over.

Pay close attention to this next tweet video. There’s a “furry” in the background behind the “protester” who is screaming vile statements at police. Furries are people dressed up like stuffed animals.

tolerant left

Photo screenshot of the furry from @djgolden

Is that supposed to be an anti-fascist furry? Is it a werewolf? Are these folks so delusional they need a man in a fur costume to help them? We understand that was Halloween weekend, but seriously?

One Twitter user remarked:  “The Tolerant Left…. Hopefully they don’t reproduce.” @YakovMerkin

We hope so too, but truthfully, it’s unlikely that they will anyway, since they are hooked up into that “climage change” gig. They think that everyone on earth is going to die within the next 12 years. Or less by now.

But the deeper question is, how long before the police lose it at being screamed at, called names, and threatening their families? These so-called “Protesters” are in no way “peaceful” and are inciting the police to violence. In fact, they’re hoping for it so they can cause more mayhem.

It used to be that most police departments had a policy that precluded responding to taunts and name calling. The threat against officers’ families by these losers may at some point countermand that policy. Whether or not being stalwart in the face of those vile shouts will continue is a question. Our police officers put their lives on the line daily, but one day stress may take over where policy leaves off.

The sad thing is, these ignorant police haters have NO clue about the real Nazis or how they are actually following in the footsteps of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi).

The “tolerant left” might wish to remember that police officers are armed, at least for now, and keep their disgusting mouths shut.

Featured photo: screenshot via Drew Hernandez


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