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Sometimes just a little sign of life in the midst of devastation can help a people start to heal. A small puppy was found wandering around in the rubble from the Tianjin explosions in China. And that puppy has become a symbol of hope.

tianjin puppy

This little cutie was found wandering in the rubble of the Tianjin explosions- Twitter photo,

A dog named “Biochemistry”

His name is Shenghua, which is Chinese for “Biochemistry.” Or at least that’s what the rescue workers named him. They found the little critter wandering around in the rubble three days after the massive explosions that killed 114, and injured over 700.

And the people of China have been thrilled. He is a sign of hope, a spot of life amid the death and destruction. He is now a symbol of survival for the people.

The first three squads of firemen who responded to the warehouse fire were hit full force by the blast. Much like our  New York firefighters who responded to the initial World Trade towers disaster in 2001, they were not aware of the danger. For the families of those who died and were injured, the puppy’s survival from the explosions is a source of inspiration.

Of course, no one knows for sure whether the fur ball wandered into the site after the explosion or whether he actually survived it. Medics who checked him out say that he is “miraculously unscathed.”


Twitter photo-

The soldiers who saved him say that the little fella hasn’t left their side. Loyal no matter what.

“This is more than just any old animal story – reading it among all the doom and gloom of Tianjin literally lifted my spirits.”  Chinese citizen


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