The South is Under Attack!

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In case you have been on vacation on a remote island and off the grid, the South has been attacked! Yes, attacked!

The people of Charleston reacted with grace to an atrocity

It started off as a single individual, with a depraved mindset, who attacked and killed 9 innocent members of a church in Charleston, SC. The man wanted to singlehandedly start a race war. It didn’t happen. In fact, just the opposite occurred. The citizens of Charleston and the surrounding communities came together in solidarity and support for the victims. Black, White, and Brown. They marched together, condemning the violence and praying for healing and peace. There were no riots, no looting, and no National Guard call ups.

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Now, the federal government, seeing a prime crisis in the making, put pressure on the state governments of the Southern States and targeted the Flag of the Confederacy. SC and Alabama caved first.  Alabama took theirs down. SC Governor Haley asked for the Confederate Battle flag to be removed from the state capitol building. There is even talk of changing the State Flags of MS, and GA. All because of the Battle Flag of the southern states.

Now we read that corporate America is following in lockstep with the Government and banning Confederate memorabilia. Amazon, E-Bay, and Walmart, to name a few. Amazon was rumored to have said it is because of a government directive mandating that they remove all Confederate items for sale from their stores,” in Amazon’s case, that meant online stores.

This, of course, was a rumor started by a known conspiracy website, infowars.  It was classified as false by, which is also a known liberal site. Who to believe anymore?

You can still buy other “untouchable items”

Oh, but you can still buy Nazi, ISIS, LGBT, and like items. Even though these may be offensive to most, they are still out there for purchase. They are a protected class of items, I guess. Nothing offensive according to the mainstream media and our government.


Regardless of the extra hype of saying the government has directed this, the facts remain:  that any item depicting the Confederacy or Flags of the Confederacy are “Racist” in it of themselves.

The Civil War was not ALL about “slavery”

This concept is being ginned up by the Liberal media and carried forth by the Liberals in this country. It’s obvious to this writer that the real history of the Civil War is being buried and the whole Civil War was all about slavery. Not even close! Even a cursory reading of this Country’s history will show you that it was about the State’s individual rights. But this reality doesn’t play well with the agenda of the left. You know the one where “it’s Bush’s Fault and You’re Racist.”

Selling of Confederate Flags at an all time high

If there is a silver lining to all this, it is that there are a number of small businesses that are doing a land office business selling Confederate Flags. An example of this is a company call Alotta Signs in NV. Their usual sales of Confederate Flags is about 5 a week. This past Monday they sold 46. Tuesday they sole over 200.

This is certainly not what the Left wanted to see. It was the same way when the Left continues to try to ban guns. Sales surge each and every time. Over and over again this happens. The Liberals don’t seem to “get it.”

You can’t change mindsets by banning items

This whole mess is nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to an awful event and tragedy. You can’t change people’s mindset just by banning items and things. Not taking a look into the reasons why these people think this way and act out on their beliefs is ignoring the real problem. Maybe some reality lessons in history should be brought back into the education system. Stop banning this and banning that just because someone gets “offended.” This solves nothing. What it does is destroy this country.

We are becoming a cesspool of “politically correct” sheeple. Someone cries out they are offended and then we see a reaction to correct the “offense.” We are selling our collective soul to the Devil of Political Correctness. We are losing our freedoms and our way of life. Our identity as an exceptional country is fast approaching a state of nothingness. Bland, and Vanilla. Nothing different than the rest of the western world.

Meanwhile chaos runs amok in the world. Evil grows exponentially. Atrocities committed by hate and terrorist organizations are left unchecked. While we worry about “offending “ someone, real people are losing their lives in very brutal and sickening ways.

The end result is going be a 2nd Civil War and a new American Revolution. It’s not the North and the South, it’s the American Patriot versus the Government and its followers. The more you try to control the American people the less control you will have. That’s the American spirit. We did this before. We will do it again. There are some things you just don’t mess with. Guns and the South. Bad Juju!

I am a recent transplant to the South. I may not be “Southern,” in fact I am a “Damn Yankee.” I still get it. I have read my history. I am a Patriot, and was when I was in the North. I am even more so here in my new home in the South. I truly believe that the “South” will rise again.

south is under attack

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