The Selfless Acts of Americans Amid COVID-19 Shutdowns

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Believe it or not, there are selfless acts of Americans helping each other in the midst of this Coronavirus mess. Here are just a few of their selfless acts. While we contemplate why people like Nancy Pelosi are such jackwagons, we can find solace in humanity from those who help others.

Selfless acts

The other day I went to the store to get some distilled water. In ALL the stores in my town, there was only ONE bottle of distilled water…a large one. It was a heavy sucker too. I managed to pick it up and put it in my hand basket, but it was way too heavy. My husband was on the other side of the store. And the darned thing was leaking too, just sayin’.  Suddenly out of nowhere, a woman came up to me (ignoring that social distancing thing) and told me to put it in her big grocery cart. She lifted it into the cart and took it all the way across the store to find my husband. She even said she was willing to take it to our car, but my husband could do that. Bless her heart. It was a selfless act.

The Hill reported that one family left a care package for a FedEx driver in Arizona with a note of appreciation. He didn’t need anything, but it was such a touching gesture, he shared it on Instagram.

There are literally hundreds of other examples (via the Presidential Prayer Team)

  • Morgantown teen uses allowance money to give truckers a meal.
  • Missouri waives fishing permit requirements during outbreak.
  • Miller Lite to donate $1M to unemployed bartenders amid outbreak.
  • Isolated nursing home residents play human version of Hungry Hungry Hippos.
  • Six-year old girl teaches Bible verse to brother to ease coronavirus fear.
  • Farmers rush to supply potatoes during coronavirus outbreak.
  • National Guard troops put together meals for community center.
  • Fashion brands pledge to produce face masks for medical supply.
  • Charter school group hands out supplies, food, books and computers to New Orleans students.
  • Teen church group delivers food to shut-in seniors.
  • Washington National Cathedral donates 5,000 respirator masks discovered in storage.
  • NYC restaurateur delivers hundreds of donated meals to healthcare workers.

Patriotism in action

Breitbart reported that in Ohio, children stuck at home in one neighborhood went outside with their parents every morning and loudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance from their driveways because the schools are closed.

The Hill: Companies stepping up voluntarily

According to the Washington Times, numerous companies and individuals have joined in the creation of face masks: MyPillow, Christian Siriano – a clothing designer, Honeywell, Apple, Flexport, Facebook, AstraZeneca the Pharmaceutical company, Intel. There are also numerous ladies who sew from San Diego to Kennewick, Washington that are making masks. With a critical shortage of face masks for hospital/medical workers all across the country, their action will help tremendously. Because our nation is so huge, it will take time for all of it to get down to the localities that need them.

Ford and GM are converting their plants to mass produce ventilators. Veterinary schools and animal hospitals are sending critically needed respirators to hospitals.

3M is to send 500,000 respirators to New York and Seattle.

A Hockey equipment company is making face shields for medical workers.

Distilleries all across the nation are converting their companies to make hand sanitizer.

Some libraries have converted bookshelves into food banks.

Even though the Defense Production Act was in place as of the 21st, thus far forced compliance for these necessities has not been necessary. Companies and individuals have stepped up to the plate on a volunteer basis.

Spokane, Washington’s Mayor Nadine Woodward is going around to every local restaurant on a daily basis to purchase a takeout meal. Many restaurants across the country are changing to takeout and delivery.

A few years from now, the US will likely have surpluses of everything being manufactured now. This nationwide shutdown will be over, and people will get back to as normal as possible. But in the meantime, this should give us all hope for humanity as a whole. The selfless acts of Americans are manifest when the situation is dire.


Featured photo: people stepping up via Presidential Prayer Team


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