The Real Ukraine Scandal: Joe and Hunter Biden

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The Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, have hopped on a train to nowhere that even some left wing Democrats admit. The impeachment inquiry has nowhere to go, even if they get it through the House. But the bigger issue is Joe Biden and Hunter Biden involved in a Ukraine scandal (Daily Wire). Hunter was Director of Burisma, a shady Ukraine energy company just after Joe was appointed by Obama to deal with the Ukraine.

Scandal not in the phone call

The US-Ukraine treaty, signed in 1999 and ratified by the Senate on October 10, 2000, gives the President the right to speak with Ukraine on criminal matters. The Biden/Burisma scandal was most definitely a criminal matter that was being investigated by their country. So it’s a Ukraine scandal, not a Trump scandal.

First, remember that the “whistleblower” wasn’t, and turned out to be a CIA operative who filed a complaint over stuff they “heard” from others. Hearsay is not generally admissible in court. No matter, Democrats in the frenzy to undo the elections of 2016, are running with the bone they think they’ve dug up.

The Biden Scandal

As much as the Democrats have attempted to change the narrative from Biden’s scandal to Trump’s scandal, the fact is, Joe Biden and his son Hunter are in the middle of a horrific scandal that should pound the Democrats into the sand.

Biden bragged that he got Ukraine Prosecutor Shokin fired, allegedly for being “corrupt.” And he reportedly threatened to withhold aid to the Ukraine if they didn’t dump him. The exact same thing Democrats are trying to pin on Trump (no surprise).  Shokin himself swore under oath in testimony that explicitly named Biden as getting him fired for his investigation, not for being corrupt.

Shokin Statement by JohnSolomon on Scribd

John Solomon, reporting in The Hill stated,

The controversy ignited anew earlier this year when I disclosed that Joe Biden admitted during a 2018 videotaped speech that, as vice president in March 2016, he threatened to cancel $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, to pressure Ukraine’s then-President Petro Poroshenko to fire Shokin.

At the time, Shokin’s office was investigating Burisma. Shokin told me he was making plans to question Hunter Biden about $3 million in fees that Biden and his partner, Archer, collected from Burisma through their American firm. Documents seized by the FBI in an unrelated case confirm the payments, which in many months totaled more than $166,000.  

In other words, Biden’s statement doesn’t hold water at all.

Even some left-wing Democrats are apprehensive of the impeachment inquiry over a phone call that the complainant didn’t even hear firsthand.

The founder of Politico is a liberal by the name of John F. Harris.  He coined a term used by Rahm Emanuel called “f***nutsville” to describe the mess that the impeachment inquiry has created.

Harris wrote:

Trump’s case, however, shows the essential reality — the significance of a piece of news depends mostly on how it can be used as either weapon or shield in the ceaseless ideological and cultural war — applies no matter the underlying subject matter…

…The deeper change is that most Americans no longer respect the institutions of Washington, and many believe at some fundamental level they are not on the level. 

We don’t believe 99% of what they say in Congress, and don’t trust that anything coming out of their mouths is the truth.

Even if Trump were to be impeached in the House, the Senate is unlikely to do the same. It’s not impossible, of course, but highly unlikely.

As leftist NY Gov Andrew Cuomo stated, “I think we now go to a very long and unproductive road.”

Featured photo: Screenshots via BBC


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