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 presidential circus

The Republicans now have 1-2-3- too many people running for the Presidential Circus in 2016. The bottom line here is that the folks running smell an opportunity to take advantage of all the scandals to seek the highest office in the land. But BEFORE you run out to start supporting one of the candidates you might want to watch and listen to their words for a few months to get a feel of the personalities and stances.

So if you need to ask Who is running for president  in 2016 on the Republican ticket- we can just say, “everybody.”

Carly Fiorina, former HP executive- recently told attendees at a speech at HP headquarters in Minneapolis that Islam was “the greatest civilization in the world.” She was playing to the Muslim population of Minnesota.

“There was once a civilization that was the greatest in the world.

It was able to create a continental super-state that stretched from ocean to ocean, and from northern climes to tropics and deserts. Within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different creeds and ethnic origins.”

The elephants in the ring? Aztecs, Mayans, Romans (from which we get most of our ‘culture’), Jews, etc etc etc.  She knows how to  put on a show- if she caves to the Muslims now, she will do it as President.

Yes, she delivered whopping good speech against Killary, I mean Hillary. But ALWAYS listen to the terms used in these speeches as we move forward. Pay close attention to who the audience is and what is being said to them.

Jeb Bush – Claims to be a Conservative. And you have to be careful when you google him because there is a website by gays that has the name “” –  It has some interesting LGBT articles on it, including the statement that some states want to pass laws that “discriminate” against others. Is it secretly his own page? Who knows. The official website is here.

He is an outspoken proponent of Common Core, and of Immigration reform. Are those Conservative values? As I said- LISTEN, pay attention.

Donald Trump he just announced today, one day after Jeb.  His campaign slogan  is Ronald Reagan’s slogan – one that Trump himself trademarked: “Make America Great Again.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? Trump is a billionaire. He made his money in real estate and has never held public office. Decorum is not his strong suit, particularly in front of  camera.

While you can be reasonably certain he won’t be bowing to a Saudi King, or kissing the a** of someone he doesn’t like, once he gets into a debate, he’s likely to tear the socks off his opponents with vicious glee. Decorum, no, flamboyant, yes.

Of Jeb Bush he remarked, “I don’t see how he can possibly get the nomination. He’s weak on immigration. He’s in favor of Common Core. How the hell can you vote for this guy?”

Rick Perry– Gov Perry has the distinction of being the only candidate who served in the Armed Forces.  He spent 5 years as a pilot in the Air Force.  But he has a history of  making “oops” moments in his campaigns, so be on the alert, giving him the benefit of the doubt that it’s probably just the cameras with that red light in his face.

Marco Rubio, is more of a normal person, if a politician can be called “normal” in any sense of the word. The liberals have taken him to task because of his statements about his finances and having to  struggle to manage them properly. Sometimes it isn’t wise to open up a can of worms about what you have or haven’t been able to pay. Either Rubio is a gold mine for the democrats, or he is a “normal” person with real financial difficulties.

Who else is in the ring?

Other candidates out there are: Lindsey Graham, who is one of John McCain’s allies in the Senate. Then there is 3 term New York Governor George Pataki, former Pennsylvania Representative Rick Santorum, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Dr. Ben Carson, while somewhat of a folk hero to Conservatives, inadvertantly compared ISIS to the  founding fathers in a speech earlier this year. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he has never run a political campaign before.

Then there is Senator Rand Paul, from Kentucky, with a Libertarian bent. Or Ted Cruz with that Texas Flair and plenty of political experience. Then there is Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, who has never run a national campaign.

Several others have launched “exploratory committees” – but frankly, the circus is full of too many animals as it is.

We won’t go into the Democrats- Killary Clinton(not a typo), Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chafee, and Martin O’Malley so far. We’ll save that one for their next declared candidate.

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