The Jihadists on American Soil

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This is April 23. Over the last few months there have been at least FOUR or more plots by jihadists to kill Americans. All across America, the jihadists have planned insidious ways to commit mass murder. Law enforcement is working hard… but is the media working against them with the narrative that we should only be concerned with “right wing” terror and “Islamophobia?”


On April 22, 2019, Waheba Issa Dais, 46, plead guilty to attempting to provide material support for ISIS. She faces 20 years and a maximum fine of $250,000. Her sentencing is set for September 12. The DOJ reported,

“Dais used hacked Facebook accounts in order to support ISIS.  Using these accounts, she pledged her allegiance to ISIS on numerous occasions, communicated with and encouraged other ISIS supporters who described their plans to conduct attacks, disseminated information about explosives and biological weapons, and attempted to recruit new members to ISIS’s cause.  For example, Dais posted videos providing step-by-step instructions on how to make an explosive belt and TNT, and she provided a detailed recipe for the poison Ricin.  Dais also maintained encrypted social-media channels, where she posted messages encouraging ISIS supporters who could not travel to ISIS-controlled lands to conduct terrorist attacks in their home countries.  Through those encrypted channels, she also provided detailed information about explosives, guns, attack planning, and target selection.”  


Fabjan Alameti, 21, was taken into custody in at a shooting range in Bozeman, Montana on April 3. He was charged with
possession of a firearm by unlawful user of a controlled substance and with making false statements involving international terrorism, according to the US Attorney’s office. His plan? Take revenge on Americans for the New Zealand attack.

Alemati, an Albanian Muslim, had traveled from New York to Montana. “When the time will come for us to hunt them down, I will stand over them while I piece their bodies with hollow tips,” the Islamic terrorist had boasted in February. “Inshallah, we take as many kuffars (non-Muslims) with us.”

He had told a government informant back in January that his potential targets included military and government targets, as well as a “Jewish temple”.  Daniel Greenfield


We previously reported the arrest of Muslim Hasher Taheb, 21, in January in Georgia after a year long investigation by the JTTF. His plot? To blowup the White House, Washington and Lincoln Memorials, and an unnamed Jewish synagogue. ISIS sympathizer.


Damon Joseph, 21, a Muslim convert, plotted to attack a Jewish synagogue in the Toledo, Ohio area. He was arrested on December 20, 2018.

The US Attorney’s office reported:

Damon Joseph was allegedly inspired by ISIS’ call to violence and hate.  He planned to attack the victims, based on their religion, at a Toledo-area synagogue in the name of ISIS, and hoped that it would lead to the deaths of many and spread fear,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers.  “His alleged actions would be an assault on the liberties and respect for humanity we hold so dear.  We will continue to make every effort to prevent such attacks from occurring.  I commend the agents, analysts, and prosecutors who identified the threat posed by this defendant and took action to protect the public from his plans.”

 “This man spent months planning a violent terrorist attack on behalf of ISIS here in the United States, and eventually targeted a Jewish synagogue in the Toledo area,” said U.S. Attorney Herdman.  “The charges describe a calculated man fueled by an ideology of hatred and intent on killing innocent people. The FBI, our police and Justice Department employees are to be credited for working to stop the defendant before he could act.”

“In a matter of months, Damon Joseph progressed from radicalized, virtual jihadist to attack planner,” said Acting Special Agent in Charge Fortunato.  “He ultimately decided to target two Toledo-area synagogues for a mass-casualty attack in the name of ISIS. Joseph will now be accountable in a court of law for his pursuit of a violent act of terrorism upon our fellow citizens attending their desired house of worship.”

Joseph’s plan was the first of three plots by ISIS sympathizers in just three months. The addition of Dais to the mix adds another. The media and even the government have kept the names of the synagogues plotted against secret. How will they know that they are targets if they don’t know of the plots? How will they protect themselves? They cannot. Just as Dais gave instructions to make ricin and suicide vests, which could be a threat of bombs or to poison reservoirs or use biological weapons, how do people protect themselves if they don’t know?

“Even as the media emphasizes Islamophobia, Islamic anti-Semitism continues to be a rising problem. And the media suppresses coverage of the problem by not reporting on it and by changing the subject.

The media met Jewish protests over Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitism by depicting her as a victim of Islamophobia. Similarly, the media blacklists the story of a cluster of Islamic anti-Semitic terror plots by shifting the focus to Islamophobia. The accusation of Islamophobia not only suppresses critics of Islamist bigotry and violence, it also suppresses coverage of the victims of Islamic bigotry and violence.  Daniel Greenfield

Just remember, America, it’s the “right wing” threat you should be focused on, not the jihadists among us.

Featured photo left to right: Waheba Dais, Damon Joseph, Hasher Taheb, Fabjan Alameti

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