The Hourglass is Running in Oregon – video

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The Hourglass is Running in Oregon

Harney County Sheriff David Ward issued a warning on January 11 that the hourglass is running. And some are not taking the occupiers request for supplies seriously- by mailing them sex toys instead of snacks (video below). But it’s the subtle intimidation of locals that has caused the greatest concern.

Is that hourglass about to run out? 

At one of the town council meetings, Pete Santilli was removed because he was disruptive. 

The folks at the refuge used government equipment to tear out the fences that prevented cattle from going onto the refuge.

The arrival of other groups to the tiny town of Burns, and the media frenzy that it has brought has weighed heavily upon the residents. They were happy to rally for the Hammonds. This occupation, however, has many on edge and afraid.  The Sheriff is exhausted, he’d  just like to go back home to his family. He agrees with the issue, but not the method. 

And some are mocking the encampment.

Asking for supplies – if they planned this for months, why didn’t they bring supplies? 

The call went out from Carol Bundy for supplies and snacks, but in one case someone spent $17.90 to ship a box of sex toys. Which infuriated Jon Ritzheimer, who opened the box.

RawStory reported:

They have apparently received some unwanted gifts, such as sex toys, as seen in a Facebook video posted by Jon Ritzheimer, an Arizona veteran who is taking part in the occupation.

“It was really mind-blowing to me that people would actually spend their money (on this),” Ritzheimer said. “This box right here, $17.90 (for shipping). They spend and waste their money on all this hateful stuff to send out here to us and buy this ridiculous stuff. This one was really funny — a ‘bag of dicks.’ Rather than going out and doing good, they just spend all their money on hate and hate.”

Then there’s that intimidation factor

The FBI command post has been “bullhorned” with Pete Santilli reading the “Declaration of Independence.” The militia groups coming in have met with the FBI, handed them documents with ideas on how to end this peacefully. Some of them have gone home, but there appear to be more issues, people are being subtly intimidated. People have been trying to intimidate local employees of the Fish and Game agency and local law enforcement by following them around grocery stores, or slowly driving up their driveways and parking their vehicles.

the hourglass is running

This trail cam photo shows a strange pickup at the home of one of the local officers- Twitter

Law Enforcement says they have no reason to move in as yet, though calls for them to do so by the leftists have been nearly hysterical.

Sheriff Ward issued a statement yesterday that says in part,

“When those who are now occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge first came to town several months ago, we started to see an up-tick in the number of vandalism, harassment and intimidation reports. In recent days, they issued a “call to action,” which resulted in the arrival of numerous outside militia members. They claim to be here in peace, but we continue to see behavior by some that is concerning. There are continual reports of law enforcement officers and community members being followed home; of people sitting in cars outside their homes, observing their movements and those of their families; and of people following them and their families as they move around the community. While not direct physical threats, these activities are clearly designed to try to intimidate…”


Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of CSPOA- Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association was present for the rally. He also agrees that lands belong to the ranchers, but not the method being used.  We contacted him and he stated that he had tried “with all my soul” to talk Ammon Bundy out of there. Ammon is his friend. The former Arizona Sheriff says this situation is causing him serious concerns.

It concerns us all. That hourglass may be running out.


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