“The Good Fight” CBS Drama’s Message: Assassinate Trump

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Hollywood is at it again with their vicious Trump-hate. This time, in a Tweet that brought outrage over its content, they hinted at assassinating President Trump. The CBS Drama “The Good Fight” tweeted a picture of part of the plot to the show, and they knew it would gather outrage. It was what they were hoping for in the first place. More outrage, more publicity.

Last year, one of the characters of the show did the same thing- she said that “We need to assassinate the President.” The character of attorney Diane Lockhart, is a known Trump-hater. The character is played by actress Christine Baranski, someone Trump haters can relate to on a personal level. But is it a good idea to keep promoting this kind of idea? No.

The thing about Hollywood is that they are oblivious over how deadly their rhetoric is for the mentally whacked out killers who have murdered in the name of movies and television shows. Or maybe they just don’t care. Are they just on a roll with their Trump-hate and really want him to be assassinated? They say not, but actions speak much louder than assurances that it’s “just TV.”

Breitbart reported,

Despite the CBS political drama’s obsession with plot points that involve the impeachment or assassination of President Trump, The Good Fight co-creator Robert King claims these storylines are merely a satirical take on America’s current political climate.

“The Democrats are licking their chops at the possibility of turning the House over and impeachment,” King said in January. “So it’s really a satire of Democrats wanting to impeach a sitting president in a way that would make them angry if it were Republicans going after Obama.”

Oh yeah, it’s just “satire.” It’s just a “joke.” If their continual “jokes” manage to get the President killed, I hope they get prosecuted as accomplices. Every last one of them.

  • Anita Deal

    Never watched this show, never will so done with CBS and their anti American programming, very few actors I have any respect they support the libs to protect their fortunes!

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