The Free Energy Solution? How to get off the Grid

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In a country of greedy politicians, one may be at a point in their life where they want to take steps to becoming more sustainable and self-sufficient. There are some steps that make life easier and cheaper to your household, and still remove yourself from the extortion of corporations and the government.

Solar power- free energy

You may ask how that can be? It’s simple.  One very new and efficient way is the solar power initiative. As time goes by, the power companies are raising prices to cover costs of running and to offset losses to line their pockets. Are you willing to pay this price increase?

Most people will say ‘so what’ and pay it anyway, while complaining all the way to the bank to withdraw more money. About 15 years ago, the cost of solar power was prohibitive, but due to more demand and better manufacturing methods, solar systems are better now…and much cheaper.

The most expensive part of the system is the upfront cost, but a basic system is very simple. The system consists of solar panels that convert sunlight into power that is measured in watts, batteries that store this power to use later, charge controllers to regulate and protect the batteries and the solar panels, and an inverter  to convert the 12/24/48 volts dc current to standard 120/240 volt ac current.

The grid is vulnerable

To remove yourself from the power grid essentially protects our national security as well, since our grid is outdated and extremely vulnerable.  If we aren’t part of it, we are exempt from it going down, so no more blackouts and no fear of attack.

More money in your pocket

This also ensures that will have more money in your pocket – no more paying bills to the electric company. You can also are sell the power back to the power company – they send you a check every month paying you for producing power. The benefits for an investment in solar systems are far superior to that expensive fancy sports car that took all your money after the dealer handed over the keys.

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