The Flag that Offends

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A report from the Greenville Online website dated August 29th, 2016 states that the American flag was banned from a High School football game because it might offend the opposing team. My first response, of course, was “Oh, Hell No!” Then I read the article. Still have the same feeling after reading the article.

Banning the flag? No!

Before this article was published, there was a video released from the principal of Traveler’s Rest High School posted on Fox Carolina. In it he explained the reason why he at first excluded the flag from being displayed at the football game.

Then upon further reflection and input from one of his students in particular, he has changed his ruling. This student, who was not named, brought up a very valid point. Why punish the current students for the mistakes of the past students? To which Mr. Laverly paused and reflected, why indeed.

I thought of rewriting this article in light of the new information but then reread what I wrote. It doesn’t change the way I feel about the “quick to judge our American heritage as offensive to others, so we need to stop displaying or talking about it.” So I will let stand this article as originally written. So here it is in all its glory.

The issue at Traveler’s Rest H.S.

Seems that the team from Travelers Rest HS had used the American flag to taunt the visiting team from Berea, who has a high Hispanic population, in the past.

So, the principal of Travelers Rest, Lou Laverly, banned the Flag from the game. The principal from Berea HS, Mike Noel, was in complete agreement with Mr. Laverly’s decision.

These are the facts of this article that came to me a couple days ago. The timing of when my editor sent the link to me is interesting. I was in the midst of a “conversation” with one of my friends who are lass than, shall we say, conservative. It concerned the recent flap about sitting during the playing of the National anthem. You all know my stance on that issue.


So, there is this issue of our Flag being offensive to someone here in this country. Why is that? Why are you offended by a symbol of the country you live in and are a citizen of?

First mistake here. Maybe I’m assuming we’re talking about legal citizens as opposed to illegal aliens. Maybe that’s were I’m going astray. Regardless, if that’s the case then why are we paying any attention to someone who is here in this country illegally then they are criminals. The only thing we should be doing is taking the steps needed to arrest, detain, process, and to deport them.


The flag

Getting back to the Flag issue. There are many flags around the world that offend me for various reasons. The flag of ISIS, for example. I find that very offensive. The flag of Iran is offensive to me.

I still remember the 444 days that that country held our citizens back in 1979. The capturing of our sailors just recently and the humiliating treatment they received. The list is a long and ugly one, but you get the point. If any of those flags were to be raised over our soil, I would most certainly be offended. Yes, Iran’s flag flies at the UN in New York City. That is another subject.

Your right to be offended is null and void in other countries

If I were in one of these other countries or territories I would be there under their flag. Therefore my “being offended” rights are null and void. Not so here in the U.S. We have the right to be offended by anything. Not only that, but we can demand that the offensive thing be removed and it does. Just so we don’t hurt their “wittle fewings.”

This country seriously needs to be perscribed a large does of “Growacet.” We have become so worried about offending someone at every turn it’s a wonder we can do anything at all.

Watching the US crumble

I wonder what the remaining members of the “Greatest Generation” must think of the country they are leaving behind. The one they fought for. The one that they have watched crumble year after year before their eyes.

My Dad fought in WW2. I suspect he was part of the D-Day invasion. He never would talk about it. I am still trying to find out. He passed away in 2003. Thank God he didn’t live to see this country as it is now. It was bad enough to have witnessed 9-11-01.

There are countless stories out there of people coming to our shores seeking a better life. Wanting desperately to be a part of this country. They would do what ever it took to become a citizen of the greatest country on the planet.

Our own Rick Ferran is one of those stories. Emigrated from Cuba as a young boy, enlisted in the Marines. Fought for our country. Loves this country with a passion that surpasses a lot of people that are born here. He gets what this country is about. So many don’t.

Why are our symbols of this country being allowed to be treated as offensive to people? Our National Anthem. Our Flag. Even the Pledge of Allegiance. All of these are being labeled and removed because someone got offended.

I’m offended!

Well, you know what? I’m offended! I’m am offended that we continue to cave in to the minority left leaning Liberal, need my safe place, gender confused, freeloading, and mind numbed idiots wandering around loose. I am offended that you’re offended!

To those that hate this country so much, to those that find so much fault with how things are here, to those that feel that this country owes you…LEAVE!

We want a divorce!

Find another country that better suits your needs. This relationship is over. We’re breaking up. We’re done. Incompatible. I want a divorce. Either pack your bags and leave quietly or find your stuff on the curb and the locks changed. We’re done! It’s over. Is that clear enough? You and my country are not suited for each other. We are not a good match.

If you think you’re going to change this country into the place you came from, think again. We have been pushed into a corner far too long. There is going to come a time in the not too distant future that we are going to be pushing back. Hard.

It will not be a pretty sight. We don’t want it this way. It’s not what we want to see happen on our own soil, but happen it will. Our country is important to us. We will stand and fight for what’s ours. We fought for here before. We fought for afar. We will fight for it here again.

Saving America

You can only poke the bear so many times before the bear gets pissed off. Just keep ignoring the signs. The growling and the barred teeth. Soon we will take it too the next step. Just as a little thought. There are over 200 million fire arms in the U.S. Along with over 12 Trillion rounds of ammunition. Are you sure you want to continue down this road?

One last thought. What do you think happens to all those men and women who come back from fighting these wars? Iraq and Afghanistan and other places? Veterans are highly trained war fighters.

They have received the best training. They have honed their skills on the battlefield. They now live among us. Quietly. They haven’t forgotten their training. They haven’t forgotten their oath either. We all have taken the same Oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

There is no expiration date on this oath. We are out there. We may be older, but we are no less ready to take the steps necessary to regain this country’s former glory.


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