The FBI rounds up another terrorist in New Jersey – a Warning for the 4th

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Monday the FBI arrested yet another jihadist for allegedly plotting to support the Islamic State. Alaa Saadeh, 23, of New Jersey, was charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization as well as witness tampering. The FBI says he also advised another man to lie to the FBI.


Samuel Rahamin Topaz, 21, of Fort Lee was charged earlier in the month. Fareed Mumuni, 21, was charged with attempted murder, after he was involved in an alleged plot to use pressure-cooker explosives and knives to attack police. Munther Omar Saleh, 20, is alleged to have participated in preparing a terrorist plot in New York, and said that Al-Qaeda was “becoming too moderate.”

At least 10 people have been arrested, with more to come, after the shooting in Garland, Texas in May.

The 4th of July Warning

The FBI has been working hard to arrest potential jihadists prior to the 4th of July. They have shifted their focus from waiting and watching to scooping them  up as soon as they have enough information. Why? Because they are concerned that there may be terror attacks on U.S. soil soon – and along with the Department of Homeland Security, they’ve issued a warning to local law enforcement agencies.

The FBI has investigations in all 50 states, according to the Department of Justice. The Bureau usually puts out heightened alerts such as this prior to National Holidays like the 4th of July. They claim that this year there is no “credible” threat information against the celebrations, but they are arresting as many potential terrorists as they can get their hands on prior to next week.

“Particularly with the upcoming July 4th holiday here in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI continue to communicate with state and local law enforcement about what we know and see.

We are encouraging all law enforcement to be vigilant and prepared. We will also adjust security measures, seen and unseen, as necessary to protect the American people.” Jeh Johnson


England heightened security for their Armed Forces Day Parade – Reuters photo via Daily Mail

The strikes

With many military members involved in the large parades on the 4th of July, there is always room for caution. Jihadists targeted the 7th annual Armed Forces Day Parade in England on Saturday, but British police thwarted the plot before its culmination. The intent was to strike the unit of slain British soldier Lee Rigby with a suicide bomb as they marched in the parade.

Authorities from UK to America are encouraging people to attend national festivities in spite of the threats. Altering our lifestyle is what the Islamic terrorists want- it’s all about intimidation and control.


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