The Fake Noose Epidemic

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After the ridiculous situation at NASCAR over a garage door pull, we can look back at several incidents of a fake noose that has garnered investigations and total freak out by both White and Black outrage mobs.

Stop the racism! People yell. When there is no racism.

In Oakland, CA, recently, a cluster of what someone called ‘nooses’ were found hanging in trees in a park at Lake Merritt. OMG. The Mayor had a tizzy and demanded an investigation for a hate crime. Why was it shocking? Because the largest demographic in Oakland is Black. Damn KKK members must have sneaked into the park. Or not.

They weren’t “nooses.” They had been placed there by a Black resident – all five of them- as exercise equipment for locals.

“Out of the dozen and hundreds and thousands of people that walked by, no one has thought that it looked anywhere close to a noose. Folks have used it for exercise. It was really a fun addition to the park that we tried to create.” Victor Sengbe

Never mind, Mayor Libby Schaff doesn’t buy it and demanded more investigating as a hate crime. And damn the torpedoes, she’s going to make it a hate crime even when it’s not. The ropes have been removed.

“These have no place in our city at any time, but especially in this time.These incidents will be investigated as a hate crime. Evidence has been turned over to the FBI. I want to be clear, regardless of the intentions of whoever put those nooses in our public trees, in our sacred public space here in Oakland, intentions don’t matter.” Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf (NBC Bay Area)

Sacred public space. Ok. Actually it’s a public space for enjoyment that she has just destroyed because of a fake noose.

“At this rate, Victor may end up being the first black man charged with being a member of the KKK.” Daniel Greenfield

Then there’s New York.

“I looked up and saw a noose hanging.It felt like it was meant to be seen. The other two were right by a walkway, in very good lighting.”Alexandra Haridopolos

She’s a loondbird leftist. The “noose” turned out to be strings that were leftover from a pinata party in Van Cortlandt Park. Nylon strings. (Norwood News) Not a “noose.” Haridopolous obviously wouldn’t know what a noose was if she fell over it. But she’s still squawking that police didn’t do a proper investigation on it. Make it a hate crime. MAKE it one, dammit.

“Jamaal Bowman, a leftist congressional candidate backed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, appeared at a rally and declared, “We will not be intimidated.”

By the pinatas.

The rally was organized by Jennifer Scarlott, an elderly white woman who founded Bronx Climate Justice North, which has 98 members, who complained that the NYPD hadn’t properly investigated the pinata.

Local Democrats released a statement declaring that, “the location where the rope was found is a common gathering site for family parties, and we cannot allow it to be taken over by fear and racism.

Too late for that.” Daniel Greenfield

More fake nooses: Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem (Harlem, um, think about it). Someone posted on social media that they saw a “noose.” Turned out to be a rope left from a construction scaffold used to pull equipment up to the platform. (

Or the “nooses” in San Francisco that turned out to be the ropes for a child’s swing. The Dad had removed the swing part to keep the birds from pooping on it and only put it back when the children wanted to use it. Fake Noose. (CBSlocal SF)

Then there’s the snocone caper:

The owners of Dave’s Tropical Sno in Pittsburgh, Kansas , one White and one Black. The Black owner’s African-American friend came up with a snocone flavor from watermelon, grape, and cotton candy. (WREG) They called it “Burning Noose.” Cue the outrage. It was a s.n.o.c.o.n.e. for crying out loud. They removed it from their menu and apologized for it.

Screenshot via WREG

fake noose

Screenshot via WREG

What’s the pattern? Leftist fools freak out over a “noose” when they have no clue what a noose is. Rachel Dolezal tried to report a “noose” several years ago here in North Idaho when it was determined to be a rope used by hunters to hang their game.

But the police explanations are never good enough for the outrage mob. Even Bubba Wallace is claiming he never saw a pull rope like the one in his garage – never mind that it had been hanging there for at least a year. He emphatically says it was a “noose.” Believe me, it was a noose, dammit.

Even if there is no hate crime, they’ll make it one.


Featured photo: Scaffold rope in Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem. Screenshot via The City NYC

With thanks to Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine for the tips.


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