The Facts the Mainstream Media Ignores

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The Facts the Mainstream Media Ignores

MSM Viewpoint based on faulty information

Before the shootings in Dallas, TX we were dealing with two shootings by police officers. One in LA. Alton Sterling. One in MN. Philando Castile. First let’s look at the MSM original slant on these two officer involved shootings.

Let’s start with the shooting in MN and the video posted on Facebook. Philando and his girlfriend were pulled over for a “busted taillight.” As told by his girlfriend, Philando was shot in cold blood for reaching for his wallet. Being completely innocent. A fine upstanding citizen in his community.

He was shot in cold blood, sitting in his car, with his girlfriend and 4 year old daughter in the back seat. The outrage and rage was palpable throughout the nation. Naturally “BLM” took up the banner of racism and fueled more hatred for Law Enforcement.

Another tragic case of a White Police Officer shooting an innocent black man. Just because he was black and the cop was white.

Now that we have the MSM’s narrative out of the way, let’s deal with some facts that are coming to light. Still not picked up by the MSM, but facts none the same.

Let’s start with the original reason for the car being pulled over, the broken taillight.

We can clearly see that both tail lights are working. Lie number one. Oh, by the way, Rashad Anthony Turner is a self proclaimed activist. His account info contains hashtags for Black Lives Matter. That would make him a friendly source for this info.

Probable Cause established

Also we have the audio from the officer obtained from KARE 11. As we previously reported, Castile drove by the officers and was recognized as a possible suspect from an armed robbery that occurred a few days before.

So now we have probable cause for the stop.

Don’t Move!

Next we have the suspect’s statement to the officer on the scene that he, Philandro, is armed and supposedly ‘has a Concealed Carry permit.’ I’m pretty sure that by now the officer’s senses are even further heightened with this info. He next tells the suspect not to move. Apparently Philandro did move. Not the best choice given the situation.

The officer knows that there is a concealed firearm in the vehicle. Most cops I know prefer to disarm the individual personally. The officers want positive control on that firearm. They want to take it out of the situation. For their safety as well as the suspects.

Was the suspect reaching for his wallet? Was he reaching for his gun? We probably will never know. The fact is that the suspect was told not to move. He did. He paid for that choice with his life. These are facts that are continuing to surface and the picture of that night and that traffic stop is becoming clearer. Or muddier, as the case may be.

Louisiana shooting – more to the story

Now, let’s move on to the other officer involved shooting in Louisiana. The media’s version immediately shown to the world is of a Black man on the ground. Two officers wereon top of him, then one officer pulls his weapon and shoots point blank into the “victim’s chest. Another case of police brutality. Another “innocent Black man” gunned down senselessly.

Once again, there is more to this story, the facts behind how this happened.

The suspect, Alton Sterling was reported to be in front of a convenience store selling pirated CD’s. The report that the responding officers were given was that the suspect had threatened an individual with a gun.

Point number one, armed suspect. Not so innocent.

Now, Mr. Sterling was no stranger to Law Enforcement. He had a rap sheet that was pretty long. It included charges like sexual intercourse with a minor age 17 in 2000. He had to register as a sex offender. He was convicted of possession of Marijuana with intent to sell and had an illegal firearm in his possession.

Court records show he had other criminal complaints against him. That list included, Aggravated Battery, Simple Criminal damage to property, Unauthorized Entry, and Domestic Battery.

According to reports, he had recently been released from prison and was on parole at the time of the shooting.

Now, the video that has been going viral on the web, shows the struggle of the two Officers with Mr. Sterling. One of the Officers repeatedly telling the suspect not to move.

Original video here:

Different video here showing officer removing a gun from the pocket of Alton Sterling. Sterling’s right arm is free and can move toward his pocket.

Once again, Mr. Sterling struggles to free his right arm and seems to be moving his hand down to his right side. There is no view from that angle in the first video. It’s at this moment that one officer fires into the suspect’s chest. Multiple shots are heard.

mainstream media

Screenshot from video that shows Alton Sterling’s left hand was under control of the officer…but not his right arm. The gun was in his right pocket.

Clear and Concise Instructions not heeded

Why did these two individuals die at the hands of these officers? It all boils down to the concept of an officer of the law  giving clear and concise instructions not to move.

That order was ignored and the subject was subsequently shot and killed. Both cases involved a firearm present with or on the suspect and the officers attempting to render the scene safe for them, for the suspect, and for anybody else in the near vicinity.

Both of these situations have a lot in common. One was a suspect in an armed robbery and the other was known to police and had a long rap sheet. Not quite your fine upstanding members of their communities, as the MSM narrative would have you believe.

Racial overtones

Then there are the racial overtones of these incidents. “White Cops Shoot Black Man.” Case number one the officer was Latin/Hispanic. Let’s not cloud the Media’s narrative with facts. This is pretty close to the same scenario as the Ferguson, MO shooting. White cop shoots Black “Kid.” We all know how that changed with the introduction of facts.

The Race baiting crowd, BLM, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton all rush in to condemn the police and their SS brutality tactics. Or they blame Donald Trump, as Jesse Jackson did recently.

When the dust settles and the facts come out, the damage is already done. The flames of racial hatred have been fanned, an officer’s career and life are destroyed.

This country continues its decline. Pray for Law Enforcement across this land. They are the line of defense against the evil that walks our streets. Show your support in anyway you can to the officers out there walking that Thin Blue Line. “Blue Lives Matter!”

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