The Democrats’ Govt Shutdown – Holding the Military Hostage

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“Crying” Chuck Schumer and Congressional Democrats may have laid an egg that will backfire come November by causing the govt shutdown. Holding the US military hostage in favor of illegal immigrants… when the DACA program doesn’t expire until March, so this whole thing was completely avoidable. They just wanted to put out a #Resist message to the President. At the expense of military families, and at-risk American children.

The govt shutdown began at midnight on Friday. Inside the new budget was a restart for vulnerable children’s health program in America that fell by the wayside under Obama. And that’s not counting the horrific consequences to the US Military. As of Monday no solution had been reached, so roughly 800,000 workers will be furloughed. Those furloughs cost more than their daily work because there will likely have to be a funding of back pay at some point.

Military suggestions:

Military will continue, but without pay. There are two banks, USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union, and First Command Bank that will cover your paychecks while the shutdown continues. They can recoup their money from the govt when it’s over. The military was paid on January 15, and the next pay is due on February 1.

Reserve training has ceased for the time being.

If at all possible,  avoid GoFundMe crowd funding plans- they rarely bring in enough to survive on with rare exception.

Working for Illegals

The GOP has repeatedly suggested bills to fund the government to give them more time, and the Democrats have repeatedly blocked the efforts. And at least 6 Republicans have been part of the blockage: Jeff Flake (AZ) Mitch McConnell (KY) Rand Paul (KY Lindsey Graham (SC) Mike Lee (UT) McCain didn’t show up.

The stalemate has continued into Monday even after Majority leader Sen McConnell put out a bill to fund the government at least until Feb 8. Dems say they have the votes to block that bill too.

What’s at issue? The Obama “Dreamers” – DACA. There are approximately 700,000 of them in the US that came here as children and the Democrats want to “protect them” from deportation. Trump has already told the Congress that they have until March to pass legislation to do so, but he also asked for the wall funding. They’re “making a statement.”

The problem with “statements” is that they hurt real people.


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