The Brave may fall, but they will never kneel.

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Whether you like it or not, America- and the Western Civilization in general- is the child of Christian faith, Greek philosophy, Roman might, English Law and of course American grit (what I  have described in previous articles as American Exceptionalism). These things should not be taken for granted, at some point each and every one of them had to be defended with fire and steel… none of them more than Christian faith.

Faith was the cornerstone on which all else were placed in order to build what we today refer to as Western civilization. And it has been under attack for the past 2 millennia.


Western civilization was born

Christianity was eternally bound with the fate of the West on the day that Emperor Constantine had a vision in which he saw a cross with the Greek letters chi-ro. Above it, written in Greek, was the phrase ‘in this sign you shall conquer’- ἐν τούτῳ νίκα(Greek)-In Hoc Signo Vinces(Latin).

The following night in his dream, Jesus Christ explained to him that he should use this symbol to crush his enemies. He did as ordered, and at the battle of the Milvian Bridge (28th of October 312) Constantine’s troops crushed the army of Maxentius. After that battle Constantine became the de facto ruler of the Roman Empire. After that Christianity became the sole official religion in the Empire and what we know refer to as Western civilization was established.


Cultural clash is reality

This bond, which was forged in conflict, was and is destined to be preserved through constant and eternal battle. All the Christian dogmas (except the ones that have completely succumbed to the will of the Politically Correct Caliphate) teach about the spiritual battle of the faithful against evil and its ways, the ultimate fight to gain entrance in heaven and fight back against all those powers that wish to drag them to hell.

This is not a perfect world and in this world, war and cultural clash is a reality. Thus the faithful have had to take up arms on many occasions. Christianity has always had knights who voluntarily stood between the forces of good and those of evil. Martyrs and Saints who threw themselves into the fires of battle in the name of the Lord and with His grace and might defended the faith.


Christianity – trying to change the history

It is true that Christianity has been criticized by many for being feminine and some dogmas strive to make sure that not only they are proven right but that this will be the new norm.

However it has been preserved so far through the virtues of sacrifice, suffering, self-mastery, conflict and contest which are concepts inherently connected with masculinity.

Emphasis on kindness, acceptance, humility etc. the virtues that could be characterized as inherently feminine traits ( also the ones that are more prevalent today), though definitely part of the faith, when prevalent will lead to destruction and the end of it.

Christianity will either turn back to its proud past stance or it is doomed to perish. The martyrs died, but did not kneel before evil. They accepted their faith because death is nothing compared to vindication. Their legacy is simple:

Fortis cadere, cedere non potest- the brave may fall but they may never kneel.

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