The 1619 Project: NYT Criminal Journalism and Propaganda Rag

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The 1619 Project has been launched, criminal journalism to push leftist propaganda is on the march. The media is on the bandwagon. The left wingers in America desperately want No Trump Presidency, so they have embraced a lie to manipulate the truth. They are making up the idea that the US was founded on slavery in 1619, not 1776… that everything about America is evil and wrong.

“The 1619 Project is a major initiative from The New York Times observing the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery. It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.” NYT 1619 project

Daily Caller

They refer to the 1619 Project as a “slave ship” that landed on the shores of America being the foundations of our nation and are printing poems, essays, etc to make it stick. The contributions of black Americans? What about the white Irish slaves? Or the Chinese slaves? Or the Native slaves that were kept by their own?

We have moved on and learned from our mistakes. But the NYT is “reframing” American history with a lie in an attempt to keep Trump out of the White House in 2020. It’s a direct assault on the “MAGA” theme and an effort to make America look illegitimate.

“Look, we blew it on Russian collusion, didn’t work. Now we are going to go to racism. That’s our new model.” – Newt Gingrich paraphrasing NYT editor. The NYT in other words, is now pushing propaganda (NewsBusters).

Daily Caller

Rush Limbaugh has taken the NYT plan to task several times so far, but this statement says it best:

You have to marvel at the grandiose objectives of these people and you literally have to marvel at the willingness to out-and-out lie. Now, I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen here. If nature holds its course, the New York Times is the leading news organization in this country, and other news organizations dutifully follow it.

And if the New York Times is literally gonna do this, if they’re gonna start a project here called 1619 that is designed to rewrite the founding of this country as something that did not happen when it was stated to happen, that it actually began with the slave trade and that everything that’s happened since 1619 is therefore unjust, indecent, and disqualifying, then every other news organization is gonna have to pick this up. Otherwise the New York Times is gonna be stranded and alone with it.

Because whatever else the New York Times leads with: Trump-Russia collusion, Kavanaugh’s gotta go, whatever it is, the rest of the media, local newsrooms, national newspapers, local newspapers, they follow like puppy dogs the lead of the New York Times. The Democrat Party had better be very wary of this, because if the media, which I claim has been running the Democrat Party for a while now. The media is the intellectual energy or the foot soldier warriors. They are leading the party. They are providing the talking points. They are firing the weapons against us, their political enemy.

If they really think that there is a presidential election to be won, just waiting to be won by convincing Americans that everything about their country is a lie, that it’s truly a horrible place, and that everything great, supposedly great is now disqualified because it wouldn’t have happened without slavery, they think that is going to prevail over the message behind Make America Great Again or Keep America Great Again?” Rush Limbaugh

Joe Kovacs, WND

The 1619 project is a danger because many people growing up in recent decades have not been taught truth. They’ve been indoctrinated to believe the “social justice warrior” view that America is an evil entity that was never great. The media has re-directed the minds of millions from divine hopes for freedom to dark thoughts of hate.

The Boston Tea Party, the Stamp Act, the attempted confiscation of weapons by England, the quartering of British troops in private homes, all of those things sparked the Revolutionary War. The truth is being lost to the left wing re-writers of history…and media like the New York Times and Washington Post are leading the way.

But for those whose ancestors fought and died in the Revolutionary War, for those whose ancestors still live in the pages of their personal histories in the landing of ships such as the Mayflower, the NYT 1619 Project will fail. Those media can call for navel-watching all they want. The USA went from an unknown, rag tag bunch of colonists whose shoes were worn through, to the greatest power in the world. The media and their communist buddies have tried to destroy us, but they will not win.

There is more opportunity in the USA now for every race and creed than ever before. That’s not because we are evil, it’s because America was founded on the principles of liberty and justice for all. And we intend to keep it that way, in spite of the 1619 Project.

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