That Child Trafficking Camp in Arizona – Real or Imagined?

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Lately there have been a lot of stories around the media about the VOP (Veterans on Patrol) Alpha Company who stated they found a child trafficking camp in Tucson, Arizona. The Tucson Police were contacted, it took them a week to get there, and they not only poo-poohed the idea, they sent a bull dozer in to take it down. The VOP Alpha Company has found other similar sites. Who is right? Tucson PD or the VOP?

We wanted to know whether Veterans On Patrol were out of their minds, or whether the Tucson Police were covering up the evidence. Oath Keepers has brought their former law enforcement/military members to assist in preserving the evidence. A Navy SEAL named Craig “Sawman” Sawyer at first stood with the VOP, but now claims there’s nothing there.

They found a hole that was about 18 inches in diameter that was only large enough for children, and deep enough so that a child could not get out by themselves. They found what they described as a “rape tree” that had straps for not just adults, but children as well. They found toys and hair dye.  The police think it’s a homeless camp.

Veterans on Patrol is a group that reportedly looks for homeless veterans. They discovered a suspicious camp in the city limits of Tucson… and ultimately found several other sites as well. But there are numerous questions being raised on both sides of the issue. Their founder, Michael Lewis Arthur is reportedly not a veteran, but he has placed the problem of child trafficking at the forefront of people’s minds after this situation. which is a good thing. He does have veterans working with him.

Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers is calling for retired police officers, medical professionals, reconnaisance veterans, infantry members, cadaver dog handlers, as many as possible that have the right skill set to help. Their idea is that the more people who show up to help a) breaks up the ability to the cartels/coyotes to do their dirty work, and b) puts pressure on the law enforcement to do their jobs.

Unfortunately, that many people can also contaminate any crime scene that may exist. The original discovery of this site should have been immediately sealed off.  The original site was bulldozed by Tucson PD, who stated it was just a homeless camp. Stewart Rhodes requested that anyone coming to help please do NOT touch anything they find, and let the site be sealed off.

When the small skull of a human was found on June 7, it was touted as the skull of a child. The Pima County Medical Examiner stated that it was actually the skull of an adult. It was not located at the original site, but at a site near Marana about 20 miles away from Tucson, at a known location where migrants attempt to come through the United States, according to 12News.

And yes, animals on the desert can move bones around. Coyotes of the 4-legged variety can wreck a crime scene. So unless they find the rest of the bones, it’s going to be improbable that anyone can determine cause of death, or identification of the remains.

VOP Alpha Company has set up a perimeter and with other groups is searching the area, which amounts to approximately 300 acres of desert. The Sheriff has advised them to leave the area, which they are unlikely to do at this point.

There is no question that child trafficking is real. With literally thousands of unaccompanied children coming to the southern border of the US every year, if some “disappear” nobody would know it.

Why is there hair dye at the “camp?” Instead of asking why, they should look at the box itself – from what you can see in the picture, the box is for red hair. Some believe that child traffickers are dying the hair of caucasian children, but why would they dye a caucasian child’s hair red? Or why would they dye a Mexican child’s hair red…America is full of dark-haired Hispanic children. It’s a question.

Are the sites homeless camps or a child trafficking camps? Let’s wait to make a determination after some of the retired police officers, and others who are going to the site can ferret out the truth.

Here is our interview with Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers:

This is the latest update from VOP Alpha Company:




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