That Biden Joke – Calling Military Members “Stupid Bastards”

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A video of Joe Biden telling the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing in 2016 that they should “Clap for that, you stupid bastards” is making the rounds.

Just prior to the “joke,” he was speaking about an Air Force woman behind him that he appointed to the Academy. But he made the statement mostly about himself and his “good judgment.” The audience didn’t think much of that and didn’t clap. So he demanded they clap anyway, which they did. He must have forgotten his audience were Military members.  Because then he said,

“Man, you are a dull bunch. It must be slow here, man.” Biden

Though the joke appears to have fallen flat, he did thank the military service members for their sacrifices earlier in the speech. But… “Slow.” “Dull.”  The Democrats knew this clip would resurface, so they manufactured a Trump comment that he would never make in a million years.  Lamestream media covered Biden’s butt for him, stating it was “obviously made in jest.” The applause he did received was short and forced. But the larger picture is the way that some politicians view the military – slow, stupid and not worthy of honor and respect.

Joe Biden’s son Beau was a Major in the Army National Guard, so he should at least have made the effort to use “jokes” that were openly funny. According to one person, some in the audience did find it funny, many more did not. But then, Biden has a habit of calling people names. Remember the “Lyin’ dog-faced Pony Soldier?” Some joke.

The problem with any ” joke” is that if you have to tell people it’s a “joke,” it means that the whole thing fell flat. They weren’t dull or slow, he was a dunderhead.

The very short clip missed some of the reactions of the audience. Biden actually seemed angry that no one clapped. They weren’t thrilled about clapping for the VP, but knew they had to.  Twitter users responded:

“The short version of this didn’t look so bad to me, as a veteran myself and imagining being there. This longer version tho, yeah, that’s not so good. Most people behind him don’t look like they’re smiling very hard…” @Pheardom

“If the current Vice President tells a bunch of soldiers in uniform to clap, then yes, that will be met with applause. This applause should not be mistaken for tacit approval when he calls them stupid bastards and slow after giving the command to clap.” @new_dinosaur_md

“That remark did not meet with applause he called them names because they didn’t. The look on his face was not “in jest” who says that? No more excuses for this idiot. This is getting serious!!!!!” @sherrisRN

“Even in jest I find it offensive.” @JodyNicks

Featured photo: screenshot from video


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  • Gus

    Biden said he never said that.
    Trump said it is recorded.
    Biden said to produce the recording
    Here it is, Biden the liar!

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