“Thank God for the Second Amendment” – Utah Pawn Shop Owner Shoots Robbery Suspect

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Bountiful, Utah – Fox13 reported that a Utah Pawn Shop Owner was going about his daily business Friday morning at opening, when two armed robbers entered his store. Only one of them was able to flee the scene.

At least one of the suspects was armed with a gun.  As the gunman demanded the owner get down on the floor, he turned his attention away for a second.  The second man headed for the merchandise cases with a hammer in order to break the glass. The owner got up and dashed into a storage room, and drew his weapon (he is a concealed carrier), and hid in a corner.

The suspect followed him.

“He’s pursued by the suspect with a gun who enters that room, points a gun at him, and the [owner] opens fire.” Bountiful Police spokesman Lt. Dave Edwards

A short physical altercation ensued after the suspect was shot, but he ultimately died from the gunshot wound. The owner called 911.

The other suspect fled the scene in a white 2005 Saturn Vue with a Colorado license plate, number BMT-182. He was wearing a blue face mask, a gray hoodie and jeans. Police say that he is presumed to be “armed and dangerous.”

Police identified the suspects in this robbery attempt as Kleydys Arbolaez-Hernandez, 40, from Denver, Colorado (the deceased), and Alexyanis Cutino Jimenez, 30. Both suspects had been sought by Oklahoma authorities  for two robberies. Jimenez is described as 5’6″, 140 lbs, black hair, brown eyes. The public is urged not to approach him. A warrant was issued for Jimenez on 5-9-2018.

Police are well aware that the pawnshop owner acted in self-defense, so he was not arrested. This is a perfect example of a concealed carrier putting a stop to a pair of suspects that had multi-state excursions in armed robbery.

Although the owner declined to speak with the media after the incident he did have one comment, “Thank God for the second amendment.”


Featured photo- surveillance photo of second suspect released by Bountiful police

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